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  1. Faisol M

    Payoneer payment gateway

    Hi Team, Is it possible for you to add Payoneer payment gateway in the near future as I know Payoneer is cheaper than Paypal. Thank you Regards, Faisol
  2. Faisol M

    Prices are not updated properly, Alidropship Plugin.

    Hello, anyone can help? I have an issue, I got orders 15 hours ago amounting to USD 39.6 for 2 items, each costs USD 19.80. However, when I checked the price on my shop now, it is USD 27.00, total 54. There must be something wrong with Alidropship plugin, I perform weekly manual update, but I...
  3. Faisol M

    I'm needing some help with my new Social Rabbit plugin.

    I have some issues with my Social Rabbit plugin. I bought Social Rabbit 4 days ago, not working for Twitter as seen here Today, after updating to the newest version, not working for all, pinterest, instagram, facebook...
  4. Faisol M

    I'm needing some help with my checkout page.

    I am going to launch my store soon and I need to check my checkout page by asking my friend to buy, but there is an issue. After my friend added an item to the cart and filled out the shipping information and clicked "Proceed to Pay", nothing happens and it's just in the same page. Thank you...