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  1. Sockis

    Product description is lapping reviews

    Hi, in my single product pages my size chart in product descriptions kind of lap the reviews, so that it's hard to see where the other one starts and the other ends. Any quick fix to this?
  2. Sockis

    Free shipping filter on AliExpress -> 4 dollars for shipping when customer buys a product

    Hi, I had a bit awkward moment with my store, as I have imported products with free shipping from AE to my store. One customer of mine bought product for 2$ and when I placed the order, I had to pay 4$ for shipping :D No need to say it was loss for me... So I don't understand why there is all...
  3. Sockis

    Menu categories not showing when hovering cursor on them

    Hi! The categories used to appear on my website's main menu when hovering on "Products". I'm not sure when it stopped showing my product categories... I tried already updating plugins and the theme and checking that the sub categories really are dragged under the categories in menu options...
  4. Sockis

    Where to get help for blog problem?

    Hi, I thought giving this a try, maybe someone tackles with the same problem! When I am writing a blog post to my web site's blog it looks exactly like a want as a draft whether I am aligning the pictures to right or left. As soon as I hit that publish or preview button all the pictures are...