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  1. Zimelo

    Countdown percentage

    Instead of counting down time, (also) count down a percentage. Example: For a 3 day sale with a max. 30% discount that would be counting down at ~0.0012% per second.
  2. Zimelo

    Suggestion for improving the theme

    Infinite scroll is nice and should and easily can be made faster. When scrolling the next 'page' there is a delay as the images are loaded. On a mobile connection that's a good approach (save data), but on a desktop it would be great if the theme preloads the next 1 or 2 pages. That will give a...
  3. Zimelo

    The difference between these two services? What's the difference between those two services? The winners service seems to be about finding/selecting/advising products, but not entering them. The other service actually...