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    How to edit shop button link?

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    product Categories not working

    when click view in the product Categories page its show this error: 404 Page not found. i am also tried to add the Categories to menu with custom link and still not work its like the plugin not create categories to be more specific: i create category->added product->add category to menu with...
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    its possible to change domain name?

    hello i have aliplugin and i want to change the domain,how can i do it? thanks @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina @Victoria Kudryashova
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    Paying with credit card from mobile not working

    hello i test my website with paying at paypal with credit card from mobile,it is not working and the page stack/not loaded this problem leads to 3 abandoned carts and lose of money my paypal is personal account any solution? thanks @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina @Victoria Kudryashova
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    can i use Contact Form 7 with the plugin?

    i tried to activate the contact us section by this guides but failed
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    footer menu disappeared

    suddenly the menu no longer visible,help?(Davinci Version: 0.11.6)
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    can i use amazon payments with this plugin?

    .. thanks
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    Top right image and Bottom right image disappeared

    hello i tried to edit this section and change images,when i clicked save and view the website this 2 images i change disappeared... this is how its look:
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    change from alidropship to alidropship woo

    hello i want to know if i change between the plugins all my products and saved data will lost?
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    How to disable "items in stock" at the product page?

    there is a way?(i mean only the items in stock and not the- Enable quantity of orders)
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    there is a way to add "buy now" button near the add to cart button?

    in davinci theme thanks
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    how to backup my store?

    hello i want download file of backup,how to do it?
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    how to increase products shows on page?

    now i have 10 products per page,but i want its shows more how to do that? i use da vinci
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    extension problem- 404 Page not found

    i use alidropship plugin(not woo)with chrome extension version. when click log in-take me to website page with 404 Page not found. tried to log out and log in again from wordpress,not working.
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    licence reset

    hello, i bought the plugin 2 days ago and activate with a old hosting plan at bluehost to see if its fit to my needs now i am making new hosting plan with new domain(bluehost),so i need my key to reset ,how i do it? thanks
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    main menu appears twice-help

    hello i create a main menu problem is its appears twice like you see at the picture i want only the menu in the red square will be visible(so i need to remove the top menu with the black square how to do it? thank you image: