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  1. Jasin555

    Issue regarding Shipping cost Display

    Hi everyone, I am using paid shipping on my store. The issue is that it is shown initially on the order summary page, added to the product price where the customer is asked to fill the shipping address. Next step is "continue to shipping method". and I want to show shipping cost on that page...
  2. Jasin555

    Checkout form Bug: Loader keeps on spinning

    Hello everyone, I have a problem at my checkout form. When someone fills out credit card details and put something by mistake and want to re-edit, they are not able to do that again. (See attached Image) The Button spinner keeps spinning and does not refresh itself(hide). So, the user is not...
  3. Jasin555

    Mail notifications not working after recent Update.

    Hi, My email notifications are not working after the Thursday plugin update. Order confirmations, payment confirmations etc., none of them. I have checked all settings, all were same as before and were working fine till yesterday, i updated to latest version. What can i do, any possible...
  4. Jasin555

    How can I disable Metadata collection for Facebook Pixel?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how can I disable metadata for Facebook Pixel data? I am using Facebook Business add-on and pixel is installed via it. Thank you in advance.
  5. Jasin555

    Reviews about new RAPHAEL theme??

    Hi, Anybody using Raphael theme? I am using Rembrandt theme at the moment, but I want to change it. I like the product page UX of Da-Vinci (Good for conversion) while other themes don't have those placements. well not in the new RAPHAEL also. Moreover, its homepage (daVinci) is totally messy...
  6. Jasin555

    Social Rabbit: How do guys with General Store use Instagram Gallery Poster?

    Hello Lovely people! Some of you may have a general store with 3-4-5 niches. I want to ask how you use auto gallery poster to Instagram? For example, you have different products from different niches; then while auto posting how you use hashtags? Hashtags should be specific to the product for...
  7. Jasin555

    Which Alidropship theme is the best with high conversion rate?

    Hi, Can you please provide some suggestions and experience for the themes provided for the Original Alidropship plugin. (Davinci, Michelangelo & Rembrandt). I am personally using Davinci for a while, but I think its homepage is so cluttery and messy sometimes and the products do not seems to be...
  8. Jasin555

    Anyone using Key-CDN to speed-up website?

    Hello to all, I need some suggestions to speed-up my website. I am using keyCDN from a while, but it takes about 5.5 ms to load in NewYork & 8.9 ms in California which is quite too much. I think nobody can wait that long to wait for the page to load. I have GoDaddy hosting and base is in...
  9. Jasin555

    How POST GRABBER in Social Rabbit works??

    Hello lovely people:), I need some suggestions. I want to ask you how this module "POST GRABBER" works! I tried it on facebook for a while and choose some pages based on my niche, as instructed in the help guide. But what it posts on my page was the PICTURE with caption only, but it was the...
  10. Jasin555

    Please help- my store not getting traffic

    Dear Lovely people, I came to ask you to help me in getting sales for my store I made my website about 10 months ago and had promoted for a little while also. I am using Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest etc. for more exposure. But the problem is that I am not getting any...