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    2 Questions About Sellvia Packaging

    1. Do our store names appear anywhere inside/on the package? 2. Do the packages include invoices? Thank you in advance!
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    Sellvia - Successes & Challenges

    Hello everyone, The purpose of this thread is for each of us to share how our stores have been performing with the Sellvia plugin. You don't have to share specific product names, product pricing, store names or store URLs (because I know we're all concerned about poaching & undercutting by...
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    Problem With Sellvia Pricing

    I'm currently adding more Sellvia products to my store, and I notice on one item, there is a discrepancy between the shipping/handling price advertised on the Sellvia plugin's product list (on Wordpress) and what Sellvia is advertising on the website. I am glad I caught it when I did, because...
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    Problems Changing Delivery Time for Custom (non-Aliexpress / Sellvia) Products

    Hello, I hope someone can assist me with resolving this issue, because I'm not sure what I can do to get around it. I an trying to manually upload an item I would like to dropship from an outside source (other than Aliexpress and Sellvia). The only issue I'm having is with changing the...