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  1. AryanShirani

    Not able to set report from year to another year

    I'm trying to set the report from 2017 to 2020 but I'm not able, allows me only to set the same year. Anybody could help please?
  2. AryanShirani

    Selling my e-commerce (more than 80 products sold)

    Hello everyone, I finally decided to sell my e-commerce. I sold like more than 80 products on it with very little investment in ads thanks to the social rabbit plugin that actually still posting and keeping the instagram profile updated and the facebook page with more than 20.000 likes. More...
  3. AryanShirani

    Orders from brazil needs tax code.

    Hi, now if you order on Aliexpress and ship to Brazil it asks a tax code. When you order from my store there is no tax input for brazil country. How do we solve this ? Thanks a lot for helping
  4. AryanShirani

    Selling Store Baby Niche with more than 60 purchases

    Hi, I'm selling a working e-commerce, more than 60+ purchases, no marketing only social network and branding. If you are interested please contact me in private thanks.
  5. AryanShirani

    Imported feedback all in russian

    Hi, all my imported feedback came in russian lenguage, now how do i reset all feedbacks ? How to i change them to english or original lenguage ?
  6. AryanShirani

    How to replace a product not available anymore

    Hi, so i have a client purchased a product, but i want to replace that product in my store right now with a new one, how do i do this ? I tried update the product giving new link, new store link and new store name. But not working any suggestion ?
  7. AryanShirani

    Socialrabbit Only Unfollow but not following

    So my problem is that i have enabled only follow and unfollow system, i have more than 60 hastags and my account is only unfollowing people. Check the screen and let me know guys!
  8. AryanShirani

    Gateway is damaged.

    Clients trying to pay with paypal standard how can i solve this problem ? Please help
  9. AryanShirani

    Best Hosting Plan

    Hi, i would like to suggest a great hosting plan, actually for a discounted price. I am with them since 2013 and very happy with the service they provide. Fast, Secure and great support. check them out:
  10. AryanShirani


    Hi, i just noticed on my website fatal error PROBLEM SOLVED. My hosting service has changed the php version automatically, so i updated everything.
  11. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit No support no help

    So my website is not getting anymore visits from october because social rabbit is not working as it should. I contacted via skype the support but didn't get any help. So now i really want to know who i should speack to resolve my problems with social rabbit. Thanks.
  12. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit not working

    on instagram i keep getting No entry found how do i fix that?
  13. AryanShirani

    Get Tracking code is not working

    Hi, i don't know if somebody noticed that this function is not working anymore, i don't know if is because of the update, but actually i tried many times to get the tracking code automatically but nothing, i need to add it manually, any idea how to fix this ?
  14. AryanShirani

    How to Separate Products Variations Without Publishing them right away ?

    Hi, in this moment i am separating products but i don't want that they be published right away, they need to be edited and everything so how to hide it to costumers ?
  15. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit Bugs & Problems

    Hi everybody, i am writing this post to list some bugs and problems that i had in the past few month of Social Rabbit that i could not resolve/understand. 1. Social Rabbit Instagram Promotion function: Actually Social Rabbit post more comments on the same photo but with a distance of a few...
  16. AryanShirani

    Images are better on server or not ?

    Now that we have a new update that changes images names the title of the product, should we upload on server or not for SEO, what do you think guys ?
  17. AryanShirani

    When you separate products, discount % not showing

    Hi, actually i was enjoying the product split new functionality, the only problem is that new products are not displaying the % of discount. I can edit every single product again to show the % of discount but this requires time. Any solution please ?
  18. AryanShirani

    How to see where costumer comes from by analitycs ?

    Hi, i recently had some clients on my ecommerce, but i would like to know the source of traffic of the costumer that bought from me, i would like to know if it comes from instagram or facebook or organic. There is a way to do that ? I have google analitycs connected but i don't know where to see...
  19. AryanShirani

    How to change product linked to aliexpress

    Hi, actually i was looking for a way to update a product, so the product actually is out of stock, but on aliexpress i found the same product from a different seller. So if i would like to update the product on my store with the new product on aliexpress, how does it work ? I need to import...
  20. AryanShirani

    When Product Out Of Stock

    Hi, actually i would like to know when client orders 6 products and 1 is out of stock for example, then i need to continue with the "placing order automatically", and when it adds all 5 product i need to replace the last product adding it to the cart manually. The problem is that when i buy the...