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  1. pravin.p

    Rembrandt theme issue

    Hello, I have updated these banners from theme customization options yet they don't reflect on website. In the customization panel I see they are applied. How to fix it? @Ekaterina Sayapina
  2. pravin.p

    Instagram accounts - Real followers, engagement

    Hello everyone, I got lot of Instagram accounts for sale. Real & active followers Good engagement* (depends on accounts) All accounts verified with real mobile no./SIM card Some of them are hand grown and some are grown using bots You will get accounts along with email/pass which was used to...
  3. pravin.p

    Licence key - wrong site!

    I just updated theme and suddenly its asking me to activate plugin, and when I do it shows wrong site error. I did not use the license on any other site. I have sent Victoria and Ekateria my license key via PM, could someone fix this issue for me quickly?
  4. pravin.p

    Order fulfillment status not working

    Hello, I checked again and both "Mark orders as 'Processed' " & "Mark orders as 'Shipped' " are set to ON. Yet after order processing it did not change status to processed. Today the order was shipped by seller and again it did not update status and collect tracking ID. How to fix it...
  5. pravin.p

    DaVinci theme template issue

    Hello, I just installed latest theme and alidropship plugin files on a new store. Gallery won't load properly, footer is missing on product listing pages and some more template issues
  6. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Selling Webrily tool for $10

    Hello, I am selling my Webrily account, I never got to using this tool since I sold my dropshipping stores. Though someone might be interested and put on sale. More information here...
  7. pravin.p

    Selling my Unlimited A2 Hosting SWIFT plan

    The plan expires on 28 October, 2018 Reason: Its USA based hosting, I am moving to other location hosting where I provide my services. Price: $35 $25 PayPal or Payoneer Have questions? Feel free to message me
  8. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Women, Men Accessories Store

    Hello! I am selling my store [URL removed] A custom Ultimate store which sells Women, Men Accessories and Jewelry. You get all the features of ultimate store listed on this link. Plus I spent some money on creating 800+ social bookmarks/backlinks, minor boost to FB page. Domain expires on: 5...
  9. pravin.p

    Coupons with Paypal express checkout?

    Is there any way to enable coupons when customer pays via Express checkout?