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  1. Rayan

    adding more products rows on andy warhol woo theme home page

    hello i have issue to add more rows products on the home page of andywarhol woo theme , since i am using it, i only have 2 rows , and in the customizer theme i found only the option to add infinite scroll which i don't want to use .
  2. Rayan

    after importing reviews, how can new customers put review

    after i imported all the reviews, how can be possible to future customers that made a purchase to insert reviews about the products they bought, i did one sell but it seems the buyer is not able the put a review , he has this message on the fields reviews , "Only logged in customers who have...
  3. Rayan

    can costumer leave review

    how customers can leave review on my website, when buying somethings
  4. Rayan

    can not find product description on edit section

    hello i want to delete some words From the description of the product , but when I go to edit the product I find only the photos ,
  5. Rayan

    change davinci theme by another one

    hello! i want to change the Dancici theme i use, by another theme " Flatsome" do i need the delete some pages and widget before i install a new one?
  6. Rayan

    not able to empty cart or remove some items

    hello when i go to the checkout page, i don't have the hand to remove some items , i am using davinciwoo theme and woocommerce paypal plugin as gateway.
  7. Rayan

    the photos are superposed

    hi when I imported a product , I tried to clean it from some some photo ads about the vendor store, the final result of the product on my website is photo superposed and link that redirection to AliExpress. how to prevent this to happen
  8. Rayan

    remove the number of producthiis from menu

    hi i am using davinciwoo theme, is it possible to remove the number of product that appear for each category in the menu.
  9. Rayan

    Blocks visibility and order

    hello i am using davinci woo theme, and i am asking my self if it's possible to remove some Blocks visibility from the front page--- product area, and also if it possible to select which categorie or product can be shown on each block , and if it's not possible, is there a solution? thank you
  10. Rayan

    alidropship icons extension not appearing on all products

    hi is it normal that the icons of alidropship extention is not showing on all aliexpress products, only the 2 first raw have the icon
  11. Rayan

    I can't upload product from Aliexpress

    Now as I set every thing on my website, I can't load products directly from Aliexpress , each time i click on alidropship icons i have infinite load
  12. Rayan

    how to remove subscription form

    hi I am using DaVinci woo theme and as I am struggling to make it work with mailchimp, ( i followed all the steps, but each time i try to test with an email to subscribe, it send me to the 404page ) so, I want to remove it from the pages ,I turned the toggle off from, Customize -- Blog ----...
  13. Rayan

    using both Alidropship woo and sellvia

    hello is it possible to use both, Alidropship Woo and Sellvia plugins on the same website in case i want to diversify my suppliers?
  14. Rayan

    footer of davinci theme display vertical

    hello I did some change on the footer concerning the contact information , when finaly i updated the change , the footer became displaying in vertical and not horizontal like it was. how can i make it back horizontal i am using davinci woo theme See screenshot thank you