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  1. ofuroinu

    New user bonus $0.01 urgent problem need a fix

    Recently some of the items on ALI have been changed to New user bonus $0.01 instead of showing original price and because of this our stores changed the price to $0.00. Please see if you fix this
  2. ofuroinu

    New hosting

    Happy New Year to everyone been long time .. I was thinking to leave hostgator almost 3years with them want to change to some other hosting with reasonable price for multi sites under one hosting specially US servers. Please suggest me if you have any in mind and I will take a look .. thank you...
  3. ofuroinu

    Dropship Team Please - Shopify to Woo

    I am trying to Migrate my shopify store to Woo. I have used one of the well known plugin S2W - Import Shopify to WooCommerce - Free Version to import my products by creating API keys instead of using CSV. After finished imported the products I can see all the products , prices , etc. But I...
  4. ofuroinu

    SEO Image Optimizer - Problem

    Renaming worked instantly without single issues. But image Image Optimizing always stopping somewhere % and not moving forward. I have deactivated and retry many times still same issue. Please if can check what is the problem with this.
  5. ofuroinu

    Alishipping Problem

    I have set epac to show as free but it is still show the amounts for somehow. Secondly the first option which is $0.00 is showing nothing nor Free Shipping Customer will get confuse please assist my friends is this a bug?
  6. ofuroinu

    Problem with FB / INSA

    Recently I see this messages in RB /FB & INSTA overview FB - You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action Inst - Please, try again later I am using RB since long time never have such problem and only this ali store been using. Twitter is working fine.
  7. ofuroinu

    Shopify > Woo or Ali

    Hi Have anyone transferred their store from Shopify to Woo or Ali ? Do we have plugin or what is easiest route? Million thanks
  8. ofuroinu

    DavinciVersion: 1.4.0 Downgrade

    Is it possible to undo the theme update? This version 1.4 causing alot of problems. Where can I get the previous version?
  9. ofuroinu

    Strange issue after site moved to new Host

    Hi Friends I have backed my sql database and wp files from siteground and transferred to hostgator. My site was using Original Alipliugin. But now I am having strange problem When I click on any links it is not working but instead just downloading a blank file. If I type manually like...
  10. ofuroinu

    Customer questions & answers on product page - flatsome

    Hi I dont understand what I selected now my flatsome product page is show this column above my description tab Any idea how to get rid this?
  11. ofuroinu

    Woo- upsell

    Brothers & Sisters, Uncles & Aunties What do you use for upsells /crosssells for Woo excluding ads I forgot to add this plugin to my store .
  12. ofuroinu

    Is facebook having problem with loading pages?

    I have getting like we are fixing on it....
  13. ofuroinu

    What will you do in this case.

    Hi One idiot US customer placed order and now after shipped he sent one mail telling me below like someone else from his home used his card. Or maybe he just making story. I would like to request a cancelation and refund for an order submitted yesterday. The card was not used with my...
  14. ofuroinu

    Shipment Notifications

    I have noticed default WOO does not have order have been shipping with tracking for customers. This is unbelievable. Why they did not include this ? How can I add because it is very important to inform customers.
  15. ofuroinu

    FB Pixel, + Google Feeds

    WOO store owners what plugin do you use for FB Pixel and Google feeds?
  16. ofuroinu

    Woo + Flatsome terrible speed

    I have attached my new site speed . Site is slow . I did turned off all animations in flatsome + installed leverage cache plugins, reduced photos sizes but speed still perform 15s to load a page . What should I do next?
  17. ofuroinu

    Aliwoo Update Issue URGENT!!

    My page stop loading and receiving below errors. Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home4/m08v4m6b/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php:3283) in /home4/m08v4m6b/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alidswoo/includes/adsw/adsCurrency.php on...
  18. ofuroinu

    Woo Google Plugins

    What free woo plugin do you use for Google Feeds and Remarketing/Dynamic? Any suggestions ?
  19. ofuroinu

    Social Rabbit @ Pinterest Error

    I am getting this error continuously these few days onwards "name":"StatusCodeError","statusCode":429,"message":"429 - [object Object]","error":{"status":"failure","message":"We could not complete that request.","code":9,"data":null,"message_detail":"Sorry! We blocked this link because it may...
  20. ofuroinu

    ADS Facebook Plugin Vs Woo Commerce Facebook Plugin

    Original ADS Facebook Plugin used by my Original ADS Site. Woo Commerce Plugin (Free) used by my ADS Woo Site as recommended . Both started to generate feeds Original ADS Facebook Plugin freeze at 19%. (Loser)~ Woo Commerce Plugin (Free) used by my ADS Woo Site - Completed in 2.5hrs- without...