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  1. Bamise

    High Ticket eCommerce Business For SALE...

    Hi, I'm looking out to sale one of my High Tickets Website for just $5000. This is a website that has an average order value AOV ($390) par sales. The eCom is on highly performing very well when it comes to conversion. This is making at least $4000 par month. and can easily be scale. I'll...
  2. Bamise

    Product Disapproved (Google Merchant Center)

    Hello AD Family, Please, I have been trying to add my product to the Google Merchant Center and finally, I was able to do so, But the issue is, I noticed some of the product were disapproved. an Image reference is below. Also, @Christina do you guys have any video help to help me go through...
  3. Bamise

    Promo Page Error

    Hi @Christina Please I noticed this error on my store! While I was working on the Promo Page, I noticed on the front preview page, the Header is having some error, like Timing coming down from the header position to another place, an example of this is attached below. Thank you for your quick...
  4. Bamise

    Product Image Not Showing on the Category Page

    Hi, Please what do you think I have done wrong that some of my product images are not showing on the category page, but they show up on the single page product. what could be the reason for this? @Christina
  5. Bamise

    Error with All Bundle Plugin

    Hi, I just bought the Bundle Addon not too long, but i can't use them due to different error after uploading the plugin, Like PHP 7.2 error, almost all the bundle except the Rabbit SM Post What can do to resolve all this? @Yaros @Christina
  6. Bamise

    How to Remove Additional information ?

  7. Bamise

    How to Remove "Company Name" on the Filled Form ?

    Please does anyone know how to remove the "Company" Info on the form when checking out? Please if you have solved your own, or you know please can you help?
  8. Bamise

    Hi Droppers You all need this!

    Hi everyone, I have been attending the ESA and yesterday night also ESX webinar by Morrison, and believe this guys are actually making thongs money everyday with the method of "Get Product name for FREE!, just pay for shipping fees" and i personally have a friend that is a member of ESA, mehn...
  9. Bamise

    Done! Thank you

    Hello Peeps, i just wanna say thank you to all the memebers of this forum, and also to share someone, who help me in getting to my gaol today, for over 1week of critical thinking and worries, she decided to help me out, "PAYPAL" Working now...:)
  10. Bamise

    Paypal Expert | Need your attention!:confused:

    Please if you are used to paypal please kindly look at the images attached. 1.What do they mean by Paypal 3rd Party ? 2. API Access 3. Permission | why do i have to permit another API, when i dont even have one before?:confused: Please opinion ?
  11. Bamise

    Need Help Please, Can you Help ?

    I have tried creating several account on 2Checkout and also stripe, but its seems i don't get it, 2Checkout and stripe requested for an account with check book, and i don't have, what do i do ? If someone can help please................................ Note: 2Checkout and Stripe do not even...
  12. Bamise

    Payment Gateway for Africa

    Please can someone recommend the payment gateway that I can use here in Africa.... ? Don't know how to use 2checkout.... and nèd help from expertise who know how Striped work..