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  1. Wei Jian

    Rembrandt Theme List Price on Mobile

    Hi Alidropship, I am using Rembrandt Theme and notice that the List Price on mobile version on a single product page (on sale) doesn't get strike off. On desktop it is strike off. I am concern that it might cause confusion among our customers. Please address this issue in the next update. Thank...
  2. Wei Jian

    Setting Up Different Shipping Methods for Different Shipping Zones (Alidropship Plugin)

    Hi! I am using original Alidropship Plugin. Just want to know whether is it possible to: 1. Set up different shipping cost (including free shipping) for different shipping zones. For example, free shipping to the United States and maybe a $5 shipping fee for Australia, New Zealand as some...
  3. Wei Jian

    Manually Changing Product Inventory

    Hi! I have a simple query here just to confirm with Alidropship Plugin. When I change the product inventory manually (for more realistic order amounts and promotion reasons), does it affect the "actual" product inventory which is supposed to be automatically sync to my store when I do auto...
  4. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Homepage Article Issues

    Hi! I am using Davinci Theme and there's this SEO article write-up section at the bottom of the homepage. There are several issues when I am writing up the article: 1. Unable to re-align the headers and paragraphs - I couldn't set the alignments of the texts to centre or align to right. It is...
  5. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Block Queries and Suggestions

    Hi Alidropship! I have a few queries and suggestions regarding Davinci Theme. 1. As seen in the screenshot attachment, I noticed that those those blocks on the right are not shown on mobile. As most of our traffic will be from mobile, I am concerned that such omission of information from our...
  6. Wei Jian

    Problem with Order Tracking Services (Cannot Track Aliexpress Items)

    I've just done a dropship demo on my site to check out the workflow with Alidropship Woo. The purchased item is one that uses Aliexpress Standard Shipping (with tracking number available). The item was shipped out today from a warehouse in China. But the problem is, it cannot be tracked by...