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  1. mushrukh

    Alidropship Woo Plugin with CJ Dropshipping

    Hi ! I hope you all are safe and sound! I am thinking to use Ali woo plugin with CJ dropshipping rather than Aliexpress obviously because of the fast shipping and a good dropshipping supplier. I know there is NO integration of Alidropship Woo with CJ Dropshipping and I have to do manually...
  2. mushrukh

    Fraud Transaction at Aliexpress (Aliexpress account hacked)

    Hi. I am writing this to all of our fellow dropshippers to save themselves with the fraud that just happened with me. Recently today I received a SMS about the transaction on aliexpress which I did not do. Someone hacked my aliexpress account and the card details which was saved on the checkout...
  3. mushrukh

    No Spinner available in Social Rabbit

    I have was just checking and couldn't find the spinner comments which come by default in the spinner section can anyone help regarding this?
  4. mushrukh

    Social Rabbit for personal Instagram growth

    Hi. Is there any possibility of using social rabbit for increasing followers and engagement on the personal Instagram account if one wants to grow his personal account as a celebrity or public figure.. Regards,
  5. mushrukh

    Social Rabbit for personal Instagram account

    Hi. Is there any possibility of using social rabbit for increasing followers and engagement on the personal Instagram account if one wants to grow his personal account as a celebrity or public figure.. Regards,
  6. mushrukh

    GDPR Complaince Policies

    Hi.. I was just wondering since our pages policies are auto generated thanx to Alidropship Original Theme.. and from 25 May 2018 , GDPR rules will be implemented.. will these pages come with GDPR Complaince Policies??? Before 25 th ?? That will be huge favour.. As most of us are not expert in...
  7. mushrukh

    Extracting Email List

    Hi can Any one tell me how to extract the email list which is been showing in our order list, abandan cart list.. the Export CSV doesnt contains the email list in it. @Ekaterina Sayapina @Yaros
  8. mushrukh

    Page Not Found shown on My account/ User Login page

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova whenever we open the page of My account or user login on our website at the top title It shows Page Not Found where we usually put the SEO Title. and there is nothing to customise it.
  9. mushrukh

    customizing field for posting comment on blog

    Hi Alidropship team Can you please provide the customizable option of fields that are required to comment on the blogs post as many of our readers don't want to share their email id. so we would like to just have 2 options that are Name and Comment box. I know email id is very important but...
  10. mushrukh

    Davinci Theme Category

    Hi there is something wrong with the theme category section.. before it was liks when I used to take the cursor on the main category it showed sub category.. then moved to sub category it use to show the more other sub category which I made.. but now it doesn't show that 3rd level sub category...
  11. mushrukh


    Hi while I importthe reviews of my country only from AliExpress.. the reviews from other countries also get imported with a different language.. I importthe review individually .. @Victoria Kudryashova
  12. mushrukh

    Davinci Blog section Bug

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova in the blog section at the bottom of the blog where we comment on it. The section gave for names, email site seems very disturbing as well can you just change it and make it highlighted in the box itself? I am attaching the pic kindly check it
  13. mushrukh

    Email notification not working

    Hi I just tested my website and after purchasing the order email doesn`t go to the customer but it`s copy does come to my email. what can be the reason??? @Yaros
  14. mushrukh


    Hi I updated the latest davinci theme And this is the bug i am getting. This line which overlaps the "100% Secure Payment" cab be seen whenwhen the website is visited on mobile. This was not on previous update . Kindly checkit and make it more easy for mobile friendly @Victoria Kudryashova...
  15. mushrukh

    Mail Chimp Not working properly

    HI Whenever I put the email and try to subscribe on my website for the newsletter and after pressing the subscribe button it takes to me to new tab of mail chimp where it shows my details like address and other and ask for the confirmation to go and click in the mail received in the email...
  16. mushrukh

    removing paypal and western union image

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova is there a method to remove the image of paypal and western union from the theme page at footer as I am applying for 2checkout payment gateway and at the time of review they might see my store and disapprove the application. Please if its possible to remove this...
  17. mushrukh

    Two Payment Gateway with Two Different currency

    Hi Integerated 2 payment gateway on alidrop standard version Paypal ( for International Use) and Instamojo (for Indian Customers as they cant pay through paypal ) . But only one can run smoothly and I am stuck I don`t Know what to do. Any Help? or any suggestion?
  18. mushrukh

    Automatic Currency switcher

    Hi . Is it possible to make the alidropship plugin ( original ) to have currency switcher which change the currency automatically by detecting I.P of the visitor in Future? as I think in woo-commerce it has this feature . Just curios to know. Thanks
  19. mushrukh

    Social Rabbit auto renew?

    Hi does social rabbit renew it automatically and deduct the amount?? I didn't want to renew it and the amount is deducted.. any help? @Victoria Kudryashova
  20. mushrukh

    Mobile App for Alidropship

    Hi Can any one help me with converting my alidropship website into Android / ios mobile app Any service or method?