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    ripped off by shipping options

    How do you guys manage this? When you import this product, all the 'ships from' is imported. On your site, a customer can select purchase from Russia and pay you less. However, when you make the purchase for your customer, you have to select pay from China and lose all your profit!
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    paypal Auto return for website payments

    Hi There, Can someone help me to understand why the recommendation is to turn off auto return? Isn't it better we have the buyer hit our payment successful or unsuccessful page so they can possibly shop more as opposed to staying on the paypal site? Thanks...
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    Setting Up an Affiliate Program

    Has anyone connected with any wordpress affiliate plugin to grow visits to your shop? Which one did you use? How was it?
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    Yaost or Alidropship Sitemap

    Which sitemap do you guys submit to google? Any problems or errors you experience with the Alidropship or Yoast sitemap you submit? Actually, do we even need yaost? Can we just completely rely on the inbuilt Alidropship SEO feature? Thank you! Best, Community Manager at
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    Test Transaction & Coupon Code

    Hi there! I'm finally ready to start marketing my site. I want to make sure transactions work well. Is there a code I can use at checkout to test my site's transaction capability? Do I just buy with my personal paypal account? How would I refund myself? How does everyone test their site's...
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    Virtual Assistant User Account

    Hi There! I just hired a virtual assistant. I gave her an Editor account but that did not work. Then I gave her an Author account but it did not work either. When I say 'did not work', I don't mean that the account could not be used but rather the account was unable to edit my products and...
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    remove smiley face

    anyone knows how to get rid of this smiley face in the top left of the page? Thanks!