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  1. ethanhunt

    " Image not found, next image will be loaded "- Andy Warhol

    I'm getting an error on Andy Warhol theme in Alidropship original plugin. When I click on the images in the comments, I'm getting an error message " Image not found, next image will be loaded " and the whole page gets stuck, and can't get rid of the error window. This happening on all the pages...
  2. ethanhunt

    Is there a way to accept customer names and addresses only in English?

    Names and addresses for most of the orders I'm getting from middle east countries are in the Arabic language. So I have to email and ask the buyers for the details in English before placing the orders in Aliexpress. (I know this can be solved by sending the address details in Arabic to the...
  3. ethanhunt

    Delivery times edit option for AliShipping add-on

    It would be great if there was an option to turn on/off or edit the estimated delivery time of the imported shipping methods in AliShipping add-on.