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  1. Enov

    We can use "Aliexpress Affiliate Program" as Cashback URL?

    Hello, I just found Aliexpress affiliate program, and it seems they pay very well : You can signup here : Possible to use them as Cashback URL? If yes, how can we generate the URL? Right now I only found how to get the affiliate...
  2. Enov

    Any alternative to Ship from Aliexpress to India?

    Hello, Does anyone know any alternative to ship products from Aliexpress to Indians customers? I got some orders recently from India, I don't want to just cancel and refund them, I hope there is an alternative. Thanks.
  3. Enov

    Can we manually add/edit Size Guide?

    Hello, There is a way to manually add/edit Size Guide for a product? I don't know how this is stored, I can't find it in product variations. Thank you.
  4. Enov

    [Table 'database.wp_adsw_variations' doesn't exist]

    Hello, When I turn debug ON, I get an error message in product edit page, variations tab : WordPress database error: [Table 'database.wp_adsw_variations' doesn't exist] SELECT * FROM wp_adsw_variations WHERE post_id = 87263 This table doesn't exist in the database, not sure what is wrong here...
  5. Enov

    Importing "big" variations product issue

    Hello, Someone can test importing this product to alidropship woocommerce version, is this product imported correctly with all images / variations? Somehow it doesn't import variations images for me, I turned cloudflare OFF, changed php ini...
  6. Enov

    Set default "currency switcher" to USD

    Hello, There is a way to set the default currency to USD? then the visitor can change the currency in the dropdown. I didn't find this option, I hope it's possible. Right now it show automatically the visitor's country currency. Thank you.
  7. Enov

    Some variations are not imported

    Hello, I have a serious issue, when I import products, it doesn't import all variations that it have. How the product looks like in dropship import (I'm using woocommerce) : How the product looks when I import it : Issue happened for many...
  8. Enov

    Importing product's video

    Hi, There is a way to import the product's video? it seems this feature is not integrated yet, and it's very helpfull! Thanks.
  9. Enov

    There is a way to avoid storing locally the images?

    Hello, It seems when we import products from dropship (woocommerce), all images, even variations/description images, are stored locally. As you know in woocommerce, each image is generated at least in 5 different sizes... So, there is a way to keep the images from aliexpress CDN?
  10. Enov

    It's good or bad to earn from copyrighted stuff?

    Hi, I built an anime merch store year ago, and I earn pretty well from it. I sell almost anything related to anime : clothing, figures, posters, phone cases... But I have always this question in my mind, I'm doing something bad? I steal or I help stealing someone else's work? I'm doing just...
  11. Enov

    When variation is out of stock, how to keep it visible but not clickable?

    Hi, Right now, if variation out of stock, the plugin remove it from product (not visible in single product), there is a way to keep it, but disabled? like for example ...
  12. Enov

    Media images sizes, needed?

    Hi, Just asking if we really need those variations of images in woocommerce? Or we can disable them? I have around 400 products on my site, when I checked total images, well it's + 40.000!
  13. Enov

    blacklist words in import reviews

    Hi, I think it will be a good feature to add a blacklist words in import review, for example if I add "aliexpress", it will not import reviews that contains this word. Thanks
  14. Enov

    Anyone have a good email content for 11.11 ?

    Hi, Anyone have a good email content marketing for 11.11? I believe many will be interested for it Thanks
  15. Enov

    Best Proxy Provider For Instagram?

    Hi, I tried free proxy list provided by social rabbit, but most of IP doesn't work, or work for just some hours... Also there are many proxy providers claiming to provide private or dedicated proxies and to be honest most of them are lying and making people fool by selling expensive proxies...
  16. Enov

    Publish to multiple facebook pages

    Hi, I manage 5 facebook pages, there is a way to publish to them instead of one page? I think it will be a good feature. I think also sharing pictures to facebook + a simple link in description, instead of sharing link will get more engagement than publishing links. Publishing to facebook...
  17. Enov

    Import Images - Upload thousand duplicate image

    Hi, Few days now, I'm having some troubles when I import product from aliexpress. Upload images seems stuck, doesn't progress : When I checked wp upload folder, I saw that plugin try to upload same image, multiple times, around 600 - 1200 duplicate After many attempt...
  18. Enov

    [Bug] Instagram Poster - Swipeable carousel doesn't include main featured image

    Hi, There is a bug in instagram poster, when you enable Swipeable carousel, it publish post with other images of product, but not main featured image with them. I think you should include both featured image + other images Thanks
  19. Enov

    I got a complaint from Japan : "Unauthorized Product Notice", what I should do?

    Hi, I have a store focused on anime products, like cosplay items, figures, jewellery etc... and today I got a complaint from a Japan media group What I should do? How I can answer them? maybe If I can tell them I'm doing dropshipping from aliexpress only, and they can talk directly to the...
  20. Enov

    alidropship woo is compatible php 7?

    Hi, I'm starting using wordpress with php 7.1 and mariadb, it seems faster compared to php5 and mysql. my question is the plugin woocommerce version is compatible with php 7? Thanks for answers