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  1. Mandc

    Fb ads alterntives?

    Are there other alternatives for ads other than Facebook ads? who get high traffic and are as good as fb
  2. Mandc

    fb disable my account. how to create a secure account going forward?

    hi,i run fb ads account. under my name. and facebook disable my account because violate rules/ selling fakebrand from aliexpress,include my credit card i think getting disable... before this i run ads from facebook for fakebrand selling... and my internet ip is i remove everything...
  3. Mandc

    about winning product and pixel

    I want to ask,"how to find a winning product" The 1st step. A. make several general products on 1 site. then run ads on Facebook use pixels, of all general products. and we take products that have sales, after we find a niche/winning product. then the next step: Do we have to make new ads...