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  1. kudensen

    I have lots of quality Seo backlinks, free to share now

    Wow, thanks for sharing the list of SEO backlinks. It is well known that quality content is the most important element of SEO. You have to create original content that is of real value to your users, and if enough people find it valuable, they will share it and help it organically reach a wider...
  2. kudensen

    After a cell phone or computer accesses the pages of an alidropship store, the next ads will come from aliexpress.

    Yes, that's how network marketing works. After being on some sites, they read your needs and give them away in the form of ads on the sites. However, you have to be careful. On some models of the phone, such ads go into the cache. After which, the memory gets clogged, and you may not even notice...
  3. kudensen

    How do you guys index your backlinks?

    Unfortunately, few people understand what backlinks are and why does a person index them? Initially, a backlink is a link created to link one website to another. However, a backlink is just a link to an external source, but inbound links are very important for SEO advertising. In essence...
  4. kudensen

    How to order from AliExpress smoothly while traveling?

    I still didn't understand the result. Were you able to understand the work of Aliexpress or not? I have a similar situation, although I am in Sweden and I am afraid that I will start having exactly the same problems as you. Most of the documents I have are registered in France, as well as the...