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    Product Variation Not Found! Place Order Function

    The place order function seems to be broken. It pops up and says variation not found, Then it asks me to select the variation, When I choose the variation, and click proceed, it again tells me variation not found. I've already placed one order manually. But now it wont pull the tracking info...
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    Anyone want to share their VAT tax export?

    I had my first order where I had to pay VAT tax. It really cut into my profit. I spent today entering in all the tax rates but I noticed that it is calculating a higher VAT tax than aliexpress does, and I don't know why, I've attached an export of my VAT tax settings at the hopes that someone...
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    SMTP mailing list

    Hello, I'm using alidropship original plugin. I have email hosting that allows me send SMTP emails from php. Im looking for a plugin that will allow me to send out marketing emails. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also im wondering where i can access a list of emails of customers within...
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    Can I convert a dropship woo license to a regular alidropship license?

    I purchased and licensed two stores, One with alidropship original, and one with alidropship woo, the store I built on alidropship woo is not working out. And I've learned I like the original more, as its less buggy, and requires less maintenance. I would like to rebuild that store but with...
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    Require variation selection

    I got my first order! The issue is... Im not sure my customer realized they needed to choose a product variation so they chose the default option. Is there anyway for me to require that they select a variation before adding an item to the cart. And disable it from automatically choosing a variation.
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    Alishipping is broke and no longer works.

    Every product on my website says there is free shipping. I have the alidropship shipping addon. But it just doesn't work. I've ran an update like 10 times and everything in my store is still listed as free. Also you've disabled comments on the addon on the forum. Makes me believe its broke and...
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    Davinci 2.0 Broke after update 1.6.6

    Hello, Items can be added to cart, but when you go to checkout it says the shopping cart is empy.
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    Auto Breaking site

    I think the best feature of alidropship is its ability to autobreak.... still getting this error on davinci home page. and on top of that, NONE of my product images load anymore. Illegal string offset 'id' in /themes/davinci2/inc/instagram.php on line 45
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    danvin2 errors on homepage

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'id' in wp-content/themes/davinci2/inc/instagram.php on line 45 I'm getting this error on the home page. How would I fix this?
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    Error in davinci...

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'id' in wp-content/themes/davinci2/inc/instagram.php on line 45 Any idea on how to fix?
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    Needs update but doesn't?

    All my plugins say an update is required when there is not. Is this normal?
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    Ads campaigns won't import on facebook ads

    Was working fine now when I try to import an ad I get the error shown in the attachment
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    Disable Product Updatres on specific product

    Is it possible to disable updating on a specific product? I've been running an ad on a product that was "out of stock"
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    Product will not add to cart

    I recently signed up for premium products. The first product i've imported is doing the following "This product can't be delivered to any country. Contact us for further details" I have alishipping installed.... any thoughts?
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    Updates failing...

    My updates are failing... Whats going on here.
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    Dashboard Notes

    I'm using a wordpress plugin for dashboard notes. Image attached. Its been helpful, Anyone can download it. If this plugin was included into the theme demo data. Alipdrop ship could include helpful tips to new users, to do lists, and even plugin suggestions from the alidropship team.
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    Add video support to gallery poster

    disappointed to see facebook gallery poster does not support video.
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    Instagram Grabber Dash

    I love social rabbit. It works so well. I had an idea or rather feature request. It would be nice if you could use the grabber tool manually. Perhaps a dashboard where you can scroll through your feed of the pages you follow and individually choose posts you want to download as an asset. I...
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    Import/Export for pricing formula table.

    It would great if the pricing formula table had a way to export your current settings. So you can try different formula sets while keeping old ones and being able to import them later if you decide to switch or run a sale pricing formula.
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    Editting Size attribute question.

    if I have an attribute that is labeled, "30cmX50cm" and change I that attribute to "30cm X 50cm - 11.8in X 19.68in" within the attributes manager and i update products will it replace the custom attribute?