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    Want to sell T-shirt store

    I want to sell 1 of my stores, currently not making any sales yet I want to change niche, so if no one buy I will redo everything end of the year Want to sell at $350 - Paid theme : astra pro (lifetime license) Paid plugin : Schema Pro Alidropship woo Social rabbit Google...
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    T-shirt Store for sale

    Want to sell 1 of my stores, this one haven't make any sell yet I am thinking of changing the niche, so if no one buy will redo for other niche by end of this year selling at $300 - Paid Themes: Astra Pro (lifetime license) Paid plugins: 1. Schema Pro 2. Ads Google...
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    Combine shipping

    Seems now aliexpress provide combine shipping Does anyone has experience on this? Whether they put aliexpress on the combined packaging?
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    Anyone has issue after update litespeed cache to 4.2?

    Anyone else notice the slower performance after upgrade litespeed cache? on couple of my site it is very slow when there is cache miss, before upgrade is not this slow
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    Selling my theme and addon cheap

    Andy warhol woo themes Promo banner Product label Product bundle Gift box All 60% discounts Pm me
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    CLS on alidropship themes

    Hi @Ekaterina Sayapina as core web vital will be part of google ranking Can you help check all your themes for CLS (cumulative layout shift)? and also the promo banner addon? I check my site with elgreco...
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    Cache for cart icon on monet and warhol woo

    Hi, anyone can make caching work for monet woo and warhol woo? For me everything work fine except the header cart icon on the homepage when the caching is on. after add item to cart, the cart icon on the homepage header doesn't show the number I can make it work only by putting...
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    Alidropship social tools update to 1.0.9 error

    updating alidropship social tools to 1.0.9 giving an error I try in multiple stores all give me same error The plugin alids-social-tools/alids-social-tools.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist. I check cpanel on the plugin folder the folder doesn't exists, seems...
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    Anyone has issue in price rounding?

    I use latest alidropship woo plugin, and I notice issue when click update price in the alidropship woo price setting no matter which value I put as my chosen decimal 95/99/97, it is never used in the price first time importing the product will give the correct rounding so the price will be...
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    Sticky add to cart not shown correctly on woo warhol mobile

    Hi @Ekaterina Sayapina I notice the add to cart button isn't shown correctly on chrome on mobile if the product don't have any attribute but it work correctly if there is at least one attribute But it correctly shown here if there is at least 1 attribute
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    w3 total cache settings

    Hi, anyone can share w3 total cache setting which work well with woocommerce?
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    Epacket your order arrived in post office notification

    Hi, Does anyone ever received this below notification? i used epacket to US and get this notification from aliexpress and in aliexpress tracking it is shown as delivered Your order has arrived at your local post office. Come pick it up! What does this mean?does it mean my customer need to go...
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    Automated email with tracking id for order with multiple item

    Hi, I have question, when I received order with multiple items from different supplier when I change the status to order shipped, will my customer get email notification with all the tracking number? or I need to send them email manually? Thank you
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    URL blocked by facebook

    Hi, I just buy custom store from alidropship and got my store 3 weeks ago, but now when I try to put the domain name into instagram and facebook, it is rejected it saying that This domain has been identified as malicious and/or abusive I haven't even make any post yet in facebook before, anyone...