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    Sendy Amazon SES on InterServer

    Has anyone used Sendy with Amazon SES on InterServer? Do they allow it and what are the limits?
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    Shipping options in pandemic

    Is free shipping worldwide offer, having multiple suppliers, viable at the moment? Some suppliers offer Standard AliExpress Shipping to certain countries, some offer something else again to certain countries, or something without tracking. How do you guys handle shipping these days?
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    Australian bank for international transactions. Australia based dropshippers.

    Hi guys! I make international payments through NAB and pay international transfer fees on top of a not great USD/AUD exchange these days. Is it the same with any bank in Australia? Do they all charge those? What bank in Australia would you recommend to minimize transfer fees? I'm using a...
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    Alidropship addons vs Woocommerce plugins

    What's the difference between Alidropship's addons and WooCommerce plugins? Like Alidropship Upsell addon and Woocommerce Upsell plugin for example. Is it about integration with Alidropship plugin? Will Woocommerce plugins work in a store based on Alidropship?
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    Copyright, models' faces

    Models' faces. Is it it a big no no or can you still run the risk using those AliExpress images? I see some successful stores selling items from AliExpress with images that have models' faces on them. Models are also not Chinese, mostly Caucasian. I'm not even sure where they find those models...
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    Alidropship Woo, order status

    Is it possible to mark an order as being processed/shipped in Alidropship Woo plugin? If not, can it be done through Woocommerce (any other 3rd party plugins) with relevant information pulled from Alidropship Woo plugin?
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    AliExpress checkout page update. Plugin slows down.

    Just talked to a person already using the plugin. His words are below. So is it gonna be fixed anytime soon? "AliExpress have just recently updated their checkout page which has made their plug-in half redundant (it no longer speeds up the ordering process and you have to do a lot of it...
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    Alidropship Woo + Astra theme compatability

    Why is Alidropship team so against Astra theme? Anyone I ask have no issues with Astra/Alidropship compatibility. Astra seems to be very light, speedy which is really important. Elementor + Astra gives tremendous customisation features what Alidropship themes cannot provide. Do Alidropship...