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    Marketing Package copyright issues with FB

    Anyone still using alidropship videos on marketing packages? Does the Facebook still disable ads accounts due to copyright issues? I am asking this because i just pachased that package then I saw this thread.
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    Social Rabbit not Posting on Instagram

    Any one else having a problem with instagram posting. My social rabbit has not posted anything for about two weeks on instagram. Getting this error "Can`t upload photo: ......" on Instagram"
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    Traffic Report not working-Google analytics.

    I just not my google analytics is not working. Yesterday, I had more than 1000 visit in my website but today have 0 I am getting this error Please can someone help. thanks, Fred
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    Social Rabbit Next event-not found.

    I am having a problem with Social Rabbit. It not posting on all social media platform. It's throwing an error "can't upload photo. Also it is displaying next event-not found. see the attach screenshot. can some help please?