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    Instagram Can't Log in Authorize

    Hi, I can't log in or authorize my IG in Social Rabbit. I can log in using the website and app, but just can't log in using Social Rabbit. The login ID and password are correct, but I still can't log in or authorize.
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    No Reply from Support Team since 07 Dec!

    I am very unhappy with Alidropship support. I emailed to sipport@alidropsbip since 07 Dec, and I received no reply at all.. Then on 08 Dec, I forward my email to Elena for help, she replied immediately saying Customer Support Service team will contact me within a few hours. On 09 and 10 Dec...
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    MailChimp Domain Verification Email Not Redirected to my Gmail

    When my custom store was being setup, I choose not to use MailChimp but used AliDropship email setup - "" Now that I need to use MailChimp features, I encountered a problem. Under MailChimp > Domains > Email Domain, I need to verify my domain. Under "Verify a Domain"...
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    Da Vinci 2 eCommerce - Blog Post - Cannot Plugin Sidebar

    I have AliDropship plugin (non WooCommerce) with Da Vinci 2 theme setup. While working on my eCommerce in-store blog page, I installed Custom Sidebar plugin - I was thinking of setting up some right sidebars, so that my blog doesn't appeared to have a lot of blank spaces on the right side. To...