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    AliDropship ver 1.0 - Beta Testers Needed!

    I feel the review import process is very slow. Anyone feels the same ?
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    AliDropship ver 1.0 - Beta Testers Needed!

    I did PM Yaros. Thank you.
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    AliDropship ver 1.0 - Beta Testers Needed!

    Hello @Yaros I would like to participate in beta test. I pinged you in skype also. Please direct me.
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    Paypal And Indian Payment Gateway

    You can use paypal and 2co.
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    ifttt help

    you need to open blog account in Not Both are two different platforms.
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    Setting Up Different Shipping Methods for Different Shipping Zones (Alidropship Plugin)

    I think it is not possible with original alidropship plugin. Anyway admin will confirm.
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    Import Reviews

    I think you confused with alidropship plugin and alidropship woo plugin
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    Notification email set up

    Pepipost is good to go. Their free service is awesome.
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    Import Reviews

    alidropship plugin not support store villa, it supports only alidropship themes. I think you use alidropship plugin woocommerce
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    Import Reviews

    Are you using Aliwoo ?
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    Price on product not showing up

    I am not sure Asrizan. Admins will help on this.
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    Price on product not showing up

    Me too had this issue in my old hosting. Now switched to alidropship hosting. Its fine now. Please contact your hosting provider about this.
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    Price on product not showing up

    did you refresh in mobile ?
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    Chrom plugin not work

    Re install chrome extension and plugin. Sure it will work.
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    Disabling Item Stock

    You can edit it here. Product page backend --> Product options --> General --> Quantity. You can disable here. Customization --> Single Product --> Enable quantity of orders
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    Google Analytics

    Just follow this.
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    Thank You!

    Team Alidropship always favors customers
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    Thanks Eka
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    Will it replace default cart abandoned program comes with alidropship plugin ?