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    Payments getting placed on hold?

    Hi i'm about to go live with my site and last step was to set payment gateway and while doing my research i found that stripe does not support dropshipping(I even emailed them and they said no in my country) and paypal will hold funds for 21 days or suspend the account and hold for 180 days...
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    How do i remove ship from ?

    Hi i tried to remove the ship from attribute from the product page and it removed it and not showing it and in variations, i have to untick manage inventory for each and every product variation and add some quantity if the product is out of stock but since there are few ship from countries it...
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    Auto create & fill imported attributes

    Hi when we import any item from aliexpress it's also importing the product attributes like the sizes, color, style etc etc(Please see screenshot below) but how do i get it to create all those attributes automatically in : products>> attributes?
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    imported videos not showing

    HI guys, just bought the ali plugin and so far all is good accpet when i import products from aliexpress to my site some sellers have videos and on my site it's not showing the videos when it normally shows the images of the products. Instead it's showing in the desciption also it's enlarged...