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  1. JasonP

    Should i start a Blog or dropship

    Why chose only 1? Do both my man! Even better If you intend to blog about a certain niche which you can then sell products in your drop shipping shop. That's a great way to start.
  2. JasonP

    Payment gateway for Ghana and West Africa

    PayPal isn't available in Ghana yet. Try DPO
  3. JasonP

    Please write an article about…

    Reports on the latest trend on what's happening in the drop shipping industry will be nice.:)
  4. JasonP

    Urgent: Payment gateway

    Direct Pay Online - DPO
  5. JasonP

    No payment gateway for srilanka?

    DPO - Direct Pay Online
  6. JasonP

    Tracking Plugin Suggestion

    Nope. I played around with providing a tracking page on my store for awhile and then decided not to have it. In my "Product Shipped" email to my customer the shipping waybill no. is a hyperlink to 17Track's tracking page. So the customer is automatically directed to the shipping status of the...
  7. JasonP

    Tracking Plugin Suggestion

    17Track is a good option and it's free. AfterShip is free for up to 100 shipments. Just look up Google and there's a couple more. But you need to try them out first before using because some of these tracking sites will give you Chinese character returns and some will reveal more than necessary...
  8. JasonP

    Buying from own affiliate account?

    o_OWhy don't you email and ask them?
  9. JasonP

    Alidropship Silver Hosting Plan Coupon Code

    You should contact ADS directly I'm sure they'll give you an unbeatable offer.
  10. JasonP

    Different Price formula for Different Category

    Just hang on to your seats! The ADS team is hard at work on the soon-to-be-released Woo 1.0. The same question of "when" has been asked many times for at least 2 months already. :p
  11. JasonP

    Name for a general store - any ideas?

    Can use a name generator if you need to brainstorm for ideas. Shopify has one :p
  12. JasonP

    wrong site error

  13. JasonP

    Problems in Importing Products With Multiple Attributes or Variation

    @aldas You're really confused and didn't read my post correctly. You have to import all the variation category together. You only edit the variations to show or not to show in your WordPress individual product page.
  14. JasonP

    Problems in Importing Products With Multiple Attributes or Variation

    If you imported the product without the original variations from the AliExpress seller just permanently delete from WooCommerce and import again. Then follow the steps I outlined previously.
  15. JasonP

    Kindly please add as another payment gateway

    You can do it on your own. Just sign up with CMO, register your website and you can download, install and activate their plugin for WooCommerce.
  16. JasonP

    Automatic order fulfilling & tracking page?

    Yes, that's right. When the order is shipped and you hit "complete" the customer will automatically get an email by default. I didn't like the way WooCommerce (nothing to do with AliDropShip) handles this because an order that is shipped doesn't equal to being complete. I personally like to...
  17. JasonP

    Womens Clothing Store For Sale Premium Theme Free Hosting and Domain

    I don't think he used AliDropShip. Noticed he said that the "product is edited" and not imported?
  18. JasonP

    Hello, my products suggestions are linkin back to Aliexpress

    If you have technical issues you should contact AliDropShip support directly.
  19. JasonP

    Where can I download Ali woo plugin

    If you already activated your license key for the AliDropShip (ADS) plugin and now switching to ADS Woo you'll need to contact support to reset your license key. Otherwise your plugin won't work.
  20. JasonP

    Shipping options in Europe

    How about you guys switching over to AliDropShip and we'll let you in on all our secret formulae. :)