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    View on Aliexpress - Option Missing

    Hi im using alidropship wo 1.6.8 what i noticed is View on Aliexpress option is not there anymore can someone tell me is this has been replaced with anything ?
  2. M - Store For Sale

    Hi I'm selling this store With hosting Alidropship License Hosting Included 30+ Products already imported. All you need to integrate Payment Gateway and Start Marketing on this website. Auction Price: 300$ Auction End: 48 Hours Buy it now: 600$ Store:
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    THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR MY ALI DROP-SHIP Members. I will develop a Fully automated Wordpress Dropshipping store for aliexpress product. using Aliwoo Plugin I'm here to help you launch your drop-shipping empire quickly & easily. Here's what I will do for you: ★ 1 Year WordPress Web...
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    Fashion Store on Sale - Unique Theme

    Hello Guy I've newly created Fashion Niche website and i'm willing to sell it The Web Site has Unique design and all ready to promote 1. Website is create with Alidropwoo with Unique Design (Not Alidrop Default Theme) and tested 2. Stripe Alipay and Paypal Payment Gateways are already...
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    Not Able to Activate my License

    Hello Social Rabbit Support im not able to activate my license i get the following error Status Code: 500 Appreciate if you can help me
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    Alidrop Woo option is not visible

    Hello Support After installing Woo Plugin im not able to find Alidrop woo option on the left is there anything else i need to check ? please check attached screen shot
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    Smart Gadget Store for Sale (AD Plugin + SocialRabbit + Hosting + IG )

    I'm selling this store because Payment method is not suitable in my country Let me know if you guys are insterested
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    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    Is there anyone who has success of doing payment gateway for Middle East. I've had terrible experience with Strip and 2checout payment gateway. No other payment gateways are supporting my country, there are payment gateways who are charging you in Euro and rates are too high. i would appreciate...
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    SocialRabbit Intagram Login Issue

    Im not able to use instagram, it continuesly ask me to "You should confirm your account. Follow this link please!". I tried the link but it's all same. Can anyone help here please
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    SocialRabbit Instagram Authentication Issue

    Im not able to use instagram, it continuesly ask me to "You should confirm your account. Follow this link please!". I tried the link but it's all same. Can anyone help here please
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    Social Rabbit Activation and Plugin Issue

    Dear Support team, Either im not able to activate my Social Rabbit plugin or Social Rabbit plugin is not loading need urgent support here
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    I want to sell my alidropship License (not hosting)

    Hello People I'm here to offer my alidropship license. Reason i'm giving away because Payment and withdraw doesn't suits where i live Let me know if you are interested and you can message me in personal
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    Yoast SEO with Aalidropship SEO

    Since new Aalidropship plugin support Yoast SEO plugin, now how do we need to configure the prduct seo ? Shall i leave Alidropship SEO settings as default and Configure Yosat SEO ? or should i delete Alidropshop SEO content and only configure Yoast SEO ? appreciate your input here
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    CSS Code for Mouse hover on Product image

    Hello Support and Alidropship members I need a work around or code that when i hover my mouse over the product image. it should show full product title like it shows in aliexpress.. Appreciate if someone can share the details.
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    Smart Gadget Store for Sale

    Good Day People If you are looking to start your own online store with the Niche Products. I'm willing to sell my store as i've something come up into my life and not able to spend more time on my store. The Store was made on Smart Gadget concept. Please take a look The...
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    No order details under customer account

    I made a test order as client on my webiste. i got an email from the store as thank you email and could see the order details in the email. Now i'm seeing 2 issues here 1. After placing the order i went to my account and when i click Order tab i can not see any order details under my account...
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    Shipping strategy

    At the moment i'm confused or be have lack of knowledge about the shipping strategy Im still contructing my website but need your people advice 1. If im only importing epacket products from aliexpress then how can i offer free shipping worldwide ? because epacket items can only be shipped to...
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    Not able to import products from Aliexpress

    When i try to import products as bulk i get a message on the top browser "Import has begun - Check your import list later for a progress" i waited so long but did not happen anything
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    Theme error

    Hello i need an urgent support for my theme, when i visit my product page below are the two errors i receive Home Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/emartgad/public_html/wp-content/themes/davinci/libs/breadcrumbs.php on line 142 Warning: Invalid...
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    Shipping settings for different countries

    How can i setup my store to to offer shipping faciloty as per the country. for example. if the customer is browsing my website so only the epackets products will listed to him. and if any customer is browsing from middle east he should see products with normal aliexpress shipping. As i know...