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  1. JasonP

    Product variation images for out of stock products are displayed as text instead of photo

    I've chosen round photo to be displayed in product variations. In the past when a particular product variation is out of stock, the variation photo is dimmed. But now it seems that out of stock variation are displayed as dimmed text. Is this a bug in the plug-in update?
  2. JasonP

    Reviews Import - Did not match any reviews for this product

    Did any one get this message when importing reviews: Did not match any reviews for this product? I've seen this for about 6 different products now where all of them have valid reviews in the original Aliexpress stores. I played with the selection criteria like the number of stars, images...
  3. JasonP

    How to make product orders in batch instead of individual items?

    Hi there! Still new to the game. I need some advice on how to make single items on Aliexpress a batch order in my web store. There are some items that are really small and cheap in Aliexpress. Let's take for example an elastic hair tie that sells on Aliexpress for USD 0.19 a piece. Instead of...
  4. JasonP

    New themes

    Hi! I was going through the thread about themes and it was mentioned that new themes will be made available soon. This was back in Oct 2017. So when will the new themes be released? I just got AliDropship plugin yesterday and have been playing around the current 3 themes. I must say the themes...