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    Unable to fill address details automatically

    This has always worked but not now. When automatically processing an order it gets to the address setup screen and just stops. Any advice apprecialted. Kerry
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    ePacket has killed dropshipping

    ePacket has been on the decline long before any complications due to the current lockdowns, and its killed the drop shipping business model. I currently have packages that were shipped ePacket that are well over a month in transit and still haven’t even left China yet, The customers for those...
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    How do I remove posted by?

    I upgraded to the paid version thinking I could remove the byline that reads posted by social rabbit. I can’t see how to do this. any advise? kerry
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    Linked images no longer showing

    The plugin often creates links to a products images rather than downloading them. So now these linked images are no longer displaying on my site. the links are valid because if I copy the URL of the link into another browser the images shows up normally. any idea what’s going on? kerry
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    Inventory updates not working

    I have been suspicious about the daily inventory updates done by the plugin. Two days ago customer placed an order for an item that our system said was in stock, but in reality was sold out at the vendor. I assumed things had changed since the last update, but on checking again today the...
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    WooCommerce themes

    I have a Woocommerce theme I love but does the Ali Woo plugin work on any Woocommerce theme or just the ones on their own site? Kerry
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    2ali dropship stores

    I know I have to buy a second licence, but my question is will it work in Chrome when importing products. How does it know which store you are importing to?
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    How do I install update after WP5.2 install

    I have downloaded the update to the ali - woo plugin designed to fix the problems after the installation of WP5.2 - but now what. My plugins area shows the Ali plugin, but it does not have an update link. Not sure what to do next. Kerry
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    Aliexpress Chrome Plugin no longer appearing

    This has worked all along, but today the import bar that appears at the top of the page is gone. I've done these steps: Updated Ali woocommerce theme checked that the Chrome extension is activated disabled other Ali Chrome extensions. Checked to make sure Chrome is up to date tried to find...
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    Unable to import reviews

    This was working at one point but now it stops as soon as it hits a product that has reviews to import. So if there are no reviews on a product it moves on to the next one. But if it finds reviews to import it stops and just sits there. Kerry
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    Cannot control product description image location in settings

    The help file says that you can choose to download product description images to your server rather than have them linked to Aliexpress. However, this option is missing in my version. I really don't want the images linked to Aliexpress. How can I fix this? Kerry
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    Trouble with Pricing formulas

    I have a product where the cost on Aliexpress is $10.31 I have a pricing formula that states on items over $10 to multiply by three which should equal 30.93 which should then be rounded to $30.95. However the plugin is setting the retail price at $60.95 and the sale price at $41.95. First of...
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    Trouble with activation

    I'm not sure if it is activated or not. I have php 7.2 and the corresponding ioncube version installed. When I go to the License page and put in my code in the confirmation email and click the activate button it takes a moment the returns with the activate button still. I get no error...
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    Have I picked a bad product line or what?

    I decided to do a drop shipping store based on Lingerie. The disappointment is hard to express. I've put hundreds of hours into research, added every plugin I was told, bought marketing programs, labored over choosing the best products i could find, and hired...