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    Free Shipping Removed

    Quick question: If a product is no longer offering free shipping (Ali seller remove free shipping), does Alidropship Plugin will move it the product to draft during the product update? I only use free shipping for shipping method to all my products. Thank you, ~ O ~
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    Pinterest Product Rich Pins

    Does Alidropship with Social Rabbit plugin support Pinterest product rich pins? If so how do I setup? Thank you ...
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    How do you handle registering member spam?

    Hi guys, I got hundred registering member everyday, but the problem is they are not real people, they are spam. How do you handle registering spam? What is the most suitable anti spam plugin for Alidropship plugin? Thank you ~ O ~
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    Instagram Poster don't show up

    Hi there, I have a problem with my Social Rabbit plugin only with Instagram Poster. I set post every 24 hour, and it is posting every 24 hour without error on the Rabbit side. But the problem is, it is not show up on Instagram side. The other features working normal, only Poster that won't show...
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    Social Rabbit Instagram Stories Error

    Hi All, My Rabbit instagram stories just get an error everytime try to post. The error is "imagejpeg(/home/username/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/imagestories-22-1080x1920.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied, called in /Helpers/Image.php on line 0". It's been a few days...
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    Shopping Cart Icon Link

    Hello Ali developers, Perhaps this is a simple thing, but it is pretty annoying. I just found that on the Michael Angelo theme if we activated user login option, the Shopping Cart icon (top right, next to currency) will be linked to User Login. Suggestion : This icon is cart icon, why don't you...
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    Pre-Order Special Products

    How do we place an order if Ali seller change our products to PRE-ORDER SPECIAL, in regards to Chinese 11.11 events? It happened to some of my products, I don't know what to do. Check it one by one ... Thank You,
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    Free Shipping Unavailable

    Hello all, I'm a pure beginner in dropshipping & still learning the nitty gritty of it. I have basic question about free shipping on alidropship: If my customer that buy my item came from a country that not available for free shipping, what will happen? Will the plugin reject the order or...