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    JS Error Single Products Pages

    Woo Version : 5.5.1. AliDropWoo Plugin: 1.6.32 Its cause my product page few of problem, when disable plugin, function back to normal. 1. custom tabs dint showing, 2. - / + not working( cant increase or decrease quantity) 3. Lazy loading lost function. Attachment is the error screenshot. And...
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    Products Auto Update Inquiry

    Alidopship Woo Import Product list is update, the product got more size and color. Its that I need delete & reimport it? This products, before is just available 1 size and few color. Why my products there dint get update ? Even I manual click "Update" inside products edit page, same as...
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    Social Rabbit Automate task IPs Inquiry

    The plugins when running automate task, its using IPs from socialRabbit or my server hosting IPs? Just notice that my IG account been temp.blocked.
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    Unable to authorize Instagram

    My IG business account got enable 2FA with SMS for login, it's that social rabbit dint support ? When authorize, keyin username & password, its pop-up box let me input code that receive via SMS, but after keyin and submit, its will show "Sorry, there was a problem with you request". Even I...