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    Any of you driving clicks via organic social only?

    So i've made a point to replicate what yaros did once again on his journey, very little success with shoutouts, and now i'm trying the organic social clicks purely via follow and likes on IG. If you guys have done it before, care to chime in? How many accounts do you need to promote a site? Do...
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    Need some help for woocom

    I've installed the woocom, and OMG, i can tell you the pain is there. I've never dealt with so much config before that caused my head to explode ! This isn't the plugin but more about woocom in general. So i will need some guidance for anyone familiar with woocom. In woocom, variants goes into...
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    What is the reason for appending query strings ?1000 in all static files ?

    So i've been trying to get a few things optimized, and realized that all the pagespeed tools are throwing out a low score and so many errors. Of course, if i use alicdn for images, i have no control over it whatsoever and they came uncompressed, and ungziped. But what i'm even more curious is...
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    Provide foc license for staging site

    Since there are things like updates that can break a site, i suggest to provide us with a secondary license (hopefully free-of-charge), for the purpose of staging the site. Staging a site has been the best practice (for me) and i believe for everyone also. So that whatever we do, the live site...
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    Bulk change pricing

    I would like to be able to perform bulk pricing change. The formulation doesn't always work in all aspect. Example, i want all necklace to be priced 9$ and bracelet 7$.
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    Are sellers closing shop during CNY holidays?

    I went and tried to find for some items, they're selling extremely well, 500 orders and above. But it doesn't appear in the search listing. It only appears when i try other methods to find it, like using google image search. The listing just says "item is no longer available". When i tried to...
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    Require Product Variant To Be Selected First

    Please prompt users to select the variant first, instead of pre-selected. The original image, feature image, and the promo (ad copy) image may contain a variant that ultimately leads the user to want that particular variant. But when they are at the product page, the variant is pre-selected...
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    Improvements to Product and Variation (Split / Hide / Sort)

    After realizing the product variant can be removed, but not able to import it a 2nd time, aka splitting it. Here's my suggestion: 1. Split Product variation (by allowing duplicate import) 2. Sort Variant (position) 3. Hide/Show Variant (as an alternative to delete it, so that we can re-enable...
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    Speed Up WP Backend With Simple Tricks

    So I've been using WP for a long time and i kept forgetting what setting i used. My host did a bunch of tuning, even had varnish etc, but it didn't help that the backend was slow. Then i found out that, you just need to disable object caching on your caching plugin and they will speed up your...
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    How to make a general niche store?

    I know with the current theme set, it's quite possibly not very effective into making a general niche store. My defnination of general, means to allow all kinds of niche to be displayed on the homepage. This way, it will be easier to pick out the niche that's succesful and then create sub...
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    Improvements to the importing experience

    I would like to see a better improvement to the importing experience. Perhaps an api to work with our installation or some sort. For fairness i wont bring in other plugins from other platform but my experience with them has been good. 1. Detect and import straight to WP without going to the...
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    EPN affiliate webmaster or cashback?

    Hey I'm curious, what is the difference between signing up as webmaster or cashback? I saw the tutorial leads to webmaster and it's 8.5%, but the cashback seems to be able to give up to 18% ?
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    How much is your ROI on shoutouts

    I've never done shoutout but read a guide here especially on sevenkingdomarts and the likes. I have a few questions if you don't mind. What is your ROI on shout-spent? How much did you spent to get 195 orders? Is the 2427$ net revenue? Are the traffic consistent or do you need to keep paying...
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    How do you mange shipping time for worldwide shipping?

    I have quite a concern on the shipping time. On shopify, i am able to customize each country to have their own rate. It is troublesome, but i have more control over what they see at checkout. The reason is because, when i checked some of the trending niche, i saw their sales grew at a very fast...
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    Can the shipping price be adjusted based on quantity?

    So i've read about the free plus shipping method. Since the plugin also supports it, i wonder can you adjust the price to match the quantity? 1 item is 9.95, 2 item is 14.95. Of course, this doesn't work very well, why should i...
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    Methods to increase cart value, upsell, retention, first time buyers.

    Shopify is a great example of lots of methods to increase cart value. There's one particular i think will be quite useful, is automatic discount based on price/quantity. So once the total order is $25 for example, the shipping will be free, or...
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    How long does it take for support to answer?

    I saw on skype sometimes the support comes online, sometimes doesn't. And when he's actually online, nobody replies at all. Sometimes it takes 1 to 2 days, sometimes I got it in a few minutes. Can i know what is the timeframe for a reply? And is there a better way to contact support?
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    Make product variant click-to-select

    In almost all major ecomm sites, product variants are un-selected first. At first i thought it was annoying, as a visitor pov. Then i realize it's for the better of both parties. When the featured image is there, they might think that's the one they selected. But it may not always be the case...
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    Paypal invoice name on multiple stores

    So if you decide to open multiple stores, how do you name your paypal email, display name, and cc display name? I assume if you use one main name, buyers will be confused when they check their statement. Since they buy from ABC, and the name appears as XYZ.
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    Default to visitors' country preselected on checkout

    As the title says. Please default the selected country to the visitor's country. Furthermore, i sometimes type in the address and it autocomplete on some sites, which is just OK experience, not great. When a site doesn't default me to my location, i get really annoyed because the ad tells me...