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    Tracking emails on order with multiple items

    Hello, I noticed that an e-mail is not sent when an order consists of 2 items, even if the plugin gets and displays correctly Ali order and Tracking ID in the backend. There is also not an option to manually "Resend order shipped notification" inside order actions.
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    Change photo Reviews size

    Hello, I'm trying to achieve the first look, but even with photos on my Server (not aliexpress) I only get the 2nd result: It would be great if you can also change the default for photos loading from Aliexpress. I'm using the same Woocommerce plugin that produces this review pages: (Woocommerce...
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    [SOVLED] Edit Image not working on latest version

    Edit Image doesn't seem to work for me on latest version (1.6.13) Anyone else having this?
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    Multiple Suppliers per Product (Alidropship Woo)

    (Talking about Alidropship Woo Version) Hello, at the moment I'm sourcing a product from 2 different suppliers, depending on the destination country. For example: When the customer is in USA, i use Supplier A. When the customer is in Canada i use Supplier B. Could there be a way to select...
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    Cannot save supplier info

    I often have to change supplier info inside my products ( Product URL and Product ID) It always worked fine, but now it does not work. The error message is " Product not found on Aliexpress" Even when I touch nothing on an old product and I click "Save supplier Info" button I get the same error...
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    Wrong "Order shipped" e-mail for past orders

    So one customer emailed me that she received an "order shipped" email for an order she had placed one year earlier. (November 2017) She thought she had been charged again for an order she didn't make and wasn't happy. This was the tracking number: LX597063591CN How can we prevent this from...
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    ! Stuck on wp-admin/admin.php?page=adswlicense

    Hello, no matter what link I click on my website for Alids Woo, I always get redirected to: wp-admin/admin.php?page=adswlicense. I click activate, the message says "Code is valid please return to dashboard" Import products, import reviews, every menu redirects to above page. I can't even access...
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    Replace missing Shipping Fields with "Other"

    Hello, I mostly use Paypal Express for checkouts, and in the backend orders are always missing some fields like Region or County. It has been discussed before, can you please make it so when the field is blank to complete it with "Other"? It's a hassle doing it manually for every order since the...
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    Technical Question about Variations

    So I renamed the Aliexpress imported variations, and when auto-completing orders it doesn't recognize them. Will renaming them again to match the Aliexpress variations make it work again or is it more complex? Thank you :)
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    1) Auto-complete county/area for Australia 2) In Uk orders it asks for country code and process stops
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    Order process much slower than before?

    Is it just me or for some reason it takes much longer to complete orders on Aliexpress? It takes too long to redirect from the cart page to the Shipping address page .
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    Replace Diacritics in non Ascii characters

    Hello, this is a big problem for me, Aliexpress won't accept Characters like ç á, á and many many others. So automation stops existing when fulfilling orders from countries with such letters. Returns message ---> "Please enter English only" I saved you a lot of time, please check this script...
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    Order Auto-complete in Australia

    Hello, in Australia, it stops in State/County and you have to input it manually. Please check for next release, thank you.
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    Automatic special character replace

    When entering shipping details, aliexpress doesn't like characters like ä, ö, ß etc found in german and other languages. Possible to implement a way to auto-replace them so the order process doesn't stop?
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    Product Prices & Facebook Product Catalog

    Hello, all the plugins I used that create product feeds to in order to later import them into product catalogs "read" the wrong price. They grab the price in Supplier Information tab in Woo. example: Sale Price: US $1.04 Price: US $1.30 (20% off) I set the prices correctly in the variations...
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    Hello, auto order after long time, was fixed and works for OK for my USA orders. For Australia, Canada, United Kingdom it sucks bad. Not everyone is drop-shipping only to USA. I have to manually input 1)City and 2)Country 3)State/County as it can't auto-fill them in. Are you working on it?
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    Is the latest Alidropship Woo compatible with WC .2.6.14?

    Is the latest Alidropship Woo compatible with WC .2.6.14 please? I might have to downgrade due to a popular plugin.
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    Hello, are you planning to fix the Timeout issue when auto-completing orders on WOO Version? In United kingdom for example, it doesn't recognize the Country/Region, City, and State/Province/Region and country code on mobile, you have to input manually. 4 Fields that you have to enter. It's...
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    Appartment/suite/unit etc in the correct field

    Hello, can you please address this issue on the next update? Address 1 woo -> Street number (aliexpress) Address 2 woo -> Appartment/suite etc Now it is Address 1 woo + Adress 2woo -> Street Address in aliexpress Thank you :)