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    Pricing Formula

    Hello, as I'm new to all dropshipping both website and plugin I would like to hear from you. As for the pricing formula of the Alidropship plugin how do you handle it? I'm asking because the final price should be: seller price + shipping costs + payment gateways fees + profit margin This...
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    My first store

    Hello, I just wanted to share with someone that I just bought a basic custom store from Alidropship. They are building it now and I'm overwhelmed by my dreams and all the stories the internet provide us about successes and realizations. My niche will be jewelry. Just wanted to say hello and...
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    Tracking Setup Best Practices

    Hello, as I'm setting up my first store using AliExpress I would like your advice on how to properly setup the tracking option. I've read the available content on the guide page but I still have some questions. 1) Order Shipped notification is sent to the customer? 2) Estimated delivery time...
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    Images and Reviews

    Hello, I'm setting up my first dropshipping store. I've selected products all of them were imported to my woocommerce database but: 1) 40 products are pending the images downloads since yesterday. Why? 2) The reviews are being imported since yesterday but looks as nothing is happening. What...