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    Product went out of stock and never updated

    I have a product that went out of stock on aliexpress and when stock came back, the plugin never updated. this way, the product also remained unupdated and outta stock for the longest time. is the plugin supposed to auto update stock levels?
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    woocommerce products not auto updating

    hi there, need to know why the products are not updating automatically. seems like the products got out of stock on aliexpress and my site either shows it with stock or aliexpress shows stock availability yet my store shows otherwise. is there anybody else experiencing the same problems...
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    AliDropship Version 0.6.7

    This is my current version and i realised that out of 10 products that i import, about 50% of them would have empty product descriptions. (that means only gallery images are imported but not the product descriptions) is this normal? is this a bug? if yes, when can we expect a fix for this .. ?
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    Workflow for Orders on Alidropship Woo version

    hi, understand that from original alidropship plugin, one can choose the place order automatically function. thereafter, mark product as processed, click on get tracking to get tracking number, and then change the status to shipped. thereafter the customer will get auto email notification...
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    Woo Plugin - duplicate images

    As the subject header suggest, im having some issues with my woo Plugin .. after importing the product, there are always two duplicated images (first two) on the product's image gallery section. I believe this was raised before but i cannot find the topic in the forum despite searching for...
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    int(111) home page error?

    hi please help check. i updated the theme and this is what happened. everything seems to be working except a funny code like this appearing.
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    social rabbit problem posting

    hi there, have a small problem with social rabbit's posting template. when i type something like: "example's" and hit save, i will see this in return after the page refreshes. "example\'s" so everytime i add ' , i get \' anybody have the same problem?
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    image duplicates

    hi, as we all know, wordpress generates a few duplicates of different image sizes upon upload. alidropship theme might also generate a few other copies (someone please confirm). what I wish to know is do i need these extra copies generated by wordpress and the alidropship theme? Regards
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    social rabbit not posting at all help!!

    does anyone know why is everything down??
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    how to remove the review section beneath your main post?

    cheers if anyone can help!
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    test email from notifications not working

    you know how the emails will be fired to your customer automatically when they make an order? i was doing the test email, hoping that the emil will be sent to be but apparently not. can someone tell me solve this problem??
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    Social Rabbit FB fail to post

    social rabbit fb bot seems to be broken on my end. encountering this issue: {"error":"Graph returned an error: (#32) Page request limited reached"} anybody know what's going on or how i can fix this?
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    China post & Hong Kong Post

    hi Ginke/ experts out there, assuming all goods are coming mostly from china or hong kong i have 2 questions that i hope you guys can help me with: 1) what type of free shipping methods do shippers use? china post, hong kong post for no tracking right? 2) what about shipment methods with...