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  1. Ryan

    Paypal Takes incorrect amount of Money

    Hello, I noticed this recently for the last 2 orders. Checked previous orders and everything was fine before. Very strange. So I got 2 orders, both paid with Paypal, both $39.99 But in Paypal I received these payments: How is that possible? Anyone have had anything similar? I haven't...
  2. Ryan

    Woocommerce Thank you Page Error

    Hi! Does anyone know how to edit the Thank you page on Woocommerce? See attached image, I got the "Checkout" title on the thank you page. I tried all settings but can't find where to edit this.
  3. Ryan

    ✅ DropshipTrend - Dropshipping Winning Product Database! ⏩Only proven products ⏩

    You want to start or already started Dropshipping business but can't get sales? Well, probably you are trying to sell the wrong products. Trust me, finding the right products to sell is the hardest part. Let DropshipTrend help you! DropshipTrend is a drop shipping service that provides access...
  4. Ryan

    Abandoned cart add-on bugs

    Images will show what's wrong. See below. Image 1. Abandoned cart email template. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4. Long-time ago I thought why my abandoned cart emails don't work too good but I never tested why. So now I tested and as you see there are a few bugs. Would be great if...
  5. Ryan

    Dropshipping with Instagram Shoutouts: A-Z GUIDE on How I Made $113k

    ✅Are you struggling to makes sales with your Dropshipping Store? ✅Do you have a low budget but you still want to earn with dropshipping? ✅Are you spending too much time following and bouncing around from one guru to another without taking real action? ✅Are the Dropshipping courses you read...
  6. Ryan

    Store Conversion Rate (Poll)

    Hope you will be responsive, folk!
  7. Ryan

    Holidays in China Oct 1 - Oct 8

    Maybe you already noticed but there is a National holiday's in China Oct 1 - Oct 8. I got few e-mails from shops that they will send packages between Oct 9 and Oct 11.
  8. Ryan

    Facebook ad preview error.

    Anyone knows why I don't see Facebook ad preview for Mobile news feed? I can see desktop news feed preview normally.
  9. Ryan

    Paypal payment Status On Hold

    Hey, everyone! This is happening the first time, but maybe anyone else has been in this situation. I got an email with purchase notification. On my website dashboard payment says: On Hold. I checked PayPal and it says "The sender of this payment is Unregistered" Also, shows Status...
  10. Ryan

    Email notifications Woocommerce

    Hello, Anyone has a good script for Woocommerce notification e-mails or knows any good plugin for this purpose? Those standard e-mail notifications don't look good and there is no order shipped e-mail notification. Thank you!
  11. Ryan

    How to Choose Best WooCommerce Theme

    Hey, everyone! Any tips how to choose the woo commerce theme? I am lost in the google, there are so many and I can't pick one. o_O I am testing Storefront right now, but not sure if stay with it. Which theme use you? :)...
  12. Ryan

    Aliexpress seller accepts PayPal

    I was able to pay with Paypal in Aliexpress. But only with one seller. Payment was accepted and package shipped. Only minus I had to pay 0.80$ fee. Screenshot
  13. Ryan

    Affiliate program for your site

    Hi, Anyone using Affiliate tracking software with Alidropship?
  14. Ryan

    Live Chat Enable/DIsable on Mobile Phones?

    Hello, Alidropship members. If you are using live chat in your store, do you enable or disable it on mobile devices? Anyone has tested how chat icon on mobile devices affect what customer does?
  15. Ryan

    Footer tag container

    What do you write in footer tag container?
  16. Ryan

    Product accessible only with a link!

    Is it possible to make a few products to Alidropship website reachable only with a direct link? I mean, if someone searches this product in my store he could not find it there but may open it only with a link...
  17. Ryan

    Unpaid goods

    Just a statistical questions. How often do you have unpaid goods? And do abandon cart emails have helped you? I will start with me: Between 10 recent orders 2 was unpaid. And as I see no one purchased goods after receiving abandon cart emails. One client even asked me to not spam him...
  18. Ryan

    Social Rabbit Plugin

    Hope someone could explain me one thing. When I post images to Instagram by myself I reach around 60-100 post likes but when images are posted with Social Rabbit I only got max 10-15 likes. And I use same texts and hashtags. Tried with different pictures and posting times.