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  1. Stuart Gibson

    Unable to enter licence

    Thanks for your reply, It worked. That's a strange thing, Thank you very much
  2. Stuart Gibson

    Unable to enter licence

    upon futher investigation, i cannot enter text into the alidropship plugin, or the davinchi theme
  3. Stuart Gibson

    Unable to enter licence

    Hello, I've been away from the drop shipping game for a while. I decided I would get back into it again, I have been wanting to combine it with another hobby of mine. I have a new host as the last host didn't have ioncube This new host does. Upon installing the addon, and going to enter the...
  4. Stuart Gibson

    Comment/reply spinner

    I seem to have a lot of problems with my comment spinner. I get multiple messages asking to stop spamming posts etc. Is there a formula where I can set in comment reply spinner to help this?
  5. Stuart Gibson

    Import to alidropship

    I'm finding it hard to import products productively, to both alidropship and aliwoo plugins. Using the mass import from aliexpress searches, the imported items sometimes appear on my import list, most times it does not. Lots of times the progress bar for importing items does not move and stays...
  6. Stuart Gibson

    Licence reset

    Thank you
  7. Stuart Gibson

    Licence reset

    Hello guys, I have asked to get one of my licences reset so I can set up a new store. I asked Yaros on Friday and have had no reply yet, could you help me out please
  8. Stuart Gibson

    [SUBSCRIBE FORM] MailChimp Intergration

    Hello, has anyone a good idea for automatically emailing customers once a week with updated product lines, my site send emails with new blog posts, but not products
  9. Stuart Gibson

    Question about Post Grabber

    I keep the hash tag in, but I am still wary about post grabber, sometimes it grabs inappropriate articles for my page
  10. Stuart Gibson

    AliDropship ver. UPDATE

    Ok thank you for clearing it up
  11. Stuart Gibson

    AliDropship ver. UPDATE

    Do we need to re enter it
  12. Stuart Gibson

    Alidropship Affiliate program

    Is the cashback offer from epn which we enter in the plugin, does this not work like an affiliate program?
  13. Stuart Gibson

    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    I won't, it needs WooCommerce installed, and Alidropship and woocommerce don't work together
  14. Stuart Gibson

    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    Ok no problem, I have one store woo and two alidropship, having this available for both plugins would be great
  15. Stuart Gibson

    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    It's available for the woo version. Search for Facebook for WooCommerce
  16. Stuart Gibson

    Success stolen by greed.

    Hello everyone. The end is in sight for this. I received an email saying that the second dispute has been resolved in my favour, I am just waiting on the money coming to my bank. This has not stopped me dropshipping as I am just opening my 3rd store this weekend, it will be a mix between...
  17. Stuart Gibson

    Importing stores

    While browsing aliexpress, I thought of a feature that may be good. Importing from a select store. We can import by using the Search bar, but I would like to import various products from a select supplier in aliexpress. Is there a way we can do this? Or will this be integrated into the plugins?
  18. Stuart Gibson

    Pinterest or Pinterest Business?

    I set up a Pinterest business page, and used the guide from alidropship. I think they need to update the guide as I'm unable to get it linked with socialrabbit
  19. Stuart Gibson


    I will be running competitions a few times a year on my sites to help get noticed, emails, followers etc, and to reward customers. I have seen a nice page which I would like to imitate, Does any one know of a wordpress plugin which could give me something similar...
  20. Stuart Gibson

    Growth bot

    Hello everyone. I have recently discovered a Facebook messenger bit which helps you find a lot of information about your own site and competitors site. It's called growth bot Sign up at