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  1. Stuart Gibson

    Unable to enter licence

    Hello, I've been away from the drop shipping game for a while. I decided I would get back into it again, I have been wanting to combine it with another hobby of mine. I have a new host as the last host didn't have ioncube This new host does. Upon installing the addon, and going to enter the...
  2. Stuart Gibson

    Comment/reply spinner

    I seem to have a lot of problems with my comment spinner. I get multiple messages asking to stop spamming posts etc. Is there a formula where I can set in comment reply spinner to help this?
  3. Stuart Gibson

    Import to alidropship

    I'm finding it hard to import products productively, to both alidropship and aliwoo plugins. Using the mass import from aliexpress searches, the imported items sometimes appear on my import list, most times it does not. Lots of times the progress bar for importing items does not move and stays...
  4. Stuart Gibson

    Licence reset

    Hello guys, I have asked to get one of my licences reset so I can set up a new store. I asked Yaros on Friday and have had no reply yet, could you help me out please
  5. Stuart Gibson

    Importing stores

    While browsing aliexpress, I thought of a feature that may be good. Importing from a select store. We can import by using the Search bar, but I would like to import various products from a select supplier in aliexpress. Is there a way we can do this? Or will this be integrated into the plugins?
  6. Stuart Gibson


    I will be running competitions a few times a year on my sites to help get noticed, emails, followers etc, and to reward customers. I have seen a nice page which I would like to imitate, Does any one know of a wordpress plugin which could give me something similar...
  7. Stuart Gibson

    Growth bot

    Hello everyone. I have recently discovered a Facebook messenger bit which helps you find a lot of information about your own site and competitors site. It's called growth bot Sign up at
  8. Stuart Gibson

    Niche related articles

    I'm just curious to know how many people in this community write their own articles to help promote their site. How many have you wrote? Did they get good feedback? Do you use any SEO tools? Do you have recommendations for others to help them improve their stores? Feedback would be good. I...
  9. Stuart Gibson

    Facebook users

    I think a report came out over the weekend that said that India has the most Facebook users worldwide, the growth in India is immense. It could be a good option to add India to your Facebook ads audience
  10. Stuart Gibson

    Being Lazy

    I know this will sound lazy, but I think it would be convenient also, it would help when on the go, eg shopping, working etc. We do not always have access to a computer with chrome so we can import products to our stores, also updating product prices on my phone is a pain. Is there any news if...
  11. Stuart Gibson

    Google Fine by EU

    Do you think that since Google were fined 2.42 billion Euros by the EU for promoting things people pay them to. Do you think will will affect the way our websites are seen on Google? Will it mean in Europe we will be seen easier if we have good SEO and back links etc? Or am I wishing to much lol
  12. Stuart Gibson

    Paid traffic

    Would using software like traffic deamon be advantageous to getting your site higher your page ranking. Or would it be bad for it.
  13. Stuart Gibson

    Nothing to do with drop shipping

    I have noticed a few sites which I visit on my android phone ask if they can send me notifications, some I have accepted some I haven't. Is there any way to incorporate this into this forum?
  14. Stuart Gibson

    How many sites does alidropship hosting support

    Hello everyone. I currently have 2 stores, one being hosted with digibitdesign and the other with alidropship, the first site doesn't respond quick enough and results in the pages not being loaded. O think I can remember that alidropship hosting can work up to 5 sites. Is this true, if so I...
  15. Stuart Gibson

    Legitimate reseller

    Hi. Just found this link online. Are they a confirmed reseller etc
  16. Stuart Gibson

    I found this on a Facebook group

    Is Ecom "easy?" Let me reveal some of the misconceptions you might be having about Ecom... A lot of people treat "Ecom" like this is supposed to be easy. Look, it will be, later. But everything is hard at first. It's like any skill- it takes a while to develop! Put down the unreasonable...
  17. Stuart Gibson

    Success stolen by greed.

    A couple of months ago you may have remembered that I put a post in our drop shipping stories about my patience finally paying off, I had almost £1000 in 21 days of sales making me around £200 profit and another £100 in cash back. At the time I could have kissed the customer for buying so much...
  18. Stuart Gibson

    Patience has finally paid off

    Hello again everyone. I've been using alidropship for about 6 months and due to other things happening in life I wasn't able to give my website the time it deserved untill the start of March 17. I loved the format so much that I ordered a custom store for $299 from the developers and I...
  19. Stuart Gibson

    Epn cashback

    Hello again everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I have a little question about epn cashback. I have some money in processing in it. I notice you can't withdraw to paypal. Which service would I be best to use? I'm in the UK if that helps any. Thanks for the help
  20. Stuart Gibson

    Social rabbit

    Is there an option or could there be an option where the auto poster for Facebook could post to personal Facebook accounts along with Facebook pages? I've seen other wordpress addons that do this but the only ones I've found are either paid addons or only post on a new blog entry