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  1. bogdao

    automatic orders, cashback, mailgun problems

    Hi, I'm almost finishing, I did my 1st order (for myself) I see that I have 3 things to fix: - my cashback link is failing my auto orders even I tested the connection in my panel:( I don't get it why my cashback is wrong: - Mailgun has...
  2. bogdao

    sections that cant't be edited?

    Hi, I am wondering if these sections below can be edited? I need to do some translations, mabye I just can't find it. please see attached file presenting different areas
  3. bogdao

    Domain redirected on server

    Hi, I've already installed alidropship plugin on my server. Orginally URL of my website was the name of my server. I had a propper domain so I did a redirect of my domain to my server. Now when I enter my website everyhing looks perfect - on home page I can see my domain name in URL bar, but...