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  1. Protik

    I want to change the border color of selected variation.

    The way it is now, it's quite hard to see which one I selected because the non selected variation border color is ash, and the selected border color is somewhat black. I want to change the border colour as well well the border thickness.
  2. Protik

    AliDropship Causes Website Failure

    Hey Shobit, I'm encountering the same problem after migrating to a new hosting. The previous hosting was a shared hosting and very slow. But the new hosting is cloud hosting which is very fast, but here I'm encountering this same problem you stated above. As soon as I activate Alidropship Woo...
  3. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    I didn't notice any conflict so far.
  4. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I checked with another theme and it was fine. Then I contact theme support and they provided me with a custom CSS code and now it is fixed.
  5. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    Yes, I have enabled "Nice Attributes". That's why those two variation menus are showing. Nice Attributes couldn't stop the default WooCommerce Variation Menu. I don't have the option to enable/disable default WooCommerce Product Gallery.
  6. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    How to stop this drop down variation menu? I'm using Alidropship Woo Plugin on WooCommerce store built with OceanWP theme. The square variation box is the feature of Alidropship Woo plugin you all know guys. But it did not replace itself with the default variation drop-down menu, rather it is...