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  1. Shobit

    AliDropship Causes Website Failure

    Hello, I have encountered a strange issue with my store. My some store goes down frequently down due to excessive use of CPU/ Bandwidth. I get the error - "503 services unavailable". I have contacted Hosting providers and they said, your store used too much CPU and you need to optimize your...
  2. Shobit

    CURRENCY SETTINGS is not working!

    Hi, I tried to change the default currency and add additional currency but there are no changes made after saving the settings. It always shows default currency "USD". Please help. Thanks!
  3. Shobit

    Importing not working

    Hi, I am facing same issue with import through Chrome Extension. I am stuck at 2 or 3 products and then there is nothing seems working. Please let us any solution to fix it. Thank you.
  4. Shobit

    Product Page is not working! 404 Page not found!

    Hi, I have setup a new store recently with one one the theme from 3 AliDropship Themes. Everything seems working fine on my store except the Product Page ( Shop). I get an error - 404 Page not found. Please help me to fix this issue. Thank You