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    New Version update crashing sites

    Hi, When updating to it is causing a critical error on every site , please advise ? Thanks
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    Social Rabbit Payment not working

    Hi, I am trying to order Social Rabbit , it is not working with any of my cards (all of my cards work) Please advise. Thanks Anthony
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    Rapahel not showing prices

    Hi, When setting this site to Raphael it is not showing any prices on the products, all plugins and themes are up to date. Please advise how to fix this. Thanks A.
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    Problem with 1.51 update ?

    Sites updated to 1.51 are now going to account login when logging in as admin ? Is this normal ? Thanks A.
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    Store adding things into the order after payment ?

    Hi, This store is adding products into the order after payment, including it in the sub total and not the total price. Please advise what is going on here, it is not the first time I have seen this.
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    Currency updater down

    The currency updater is not working across multiple sites. When I press changes when adding a currency it shows for a second the disappears and doesn't save the currency, it seems the link between yahoo converter ay be the issue. I am running Davinci 0.12.2 and aliexpress (new version)
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    Which Payment Processor for South Africa in ZAR ?

    Hi, I cannot find an answer to this, which Payment Processor supports South Africa in ZAR. PAYUBiz has a SA site now but the aliplugin doesn't support it, the key info is different, can the key data be used in another other processor ? Need a solution for this quick please.
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    Social Rabbit Instagram Not Logging In

    Hi, I am using Social Rabbit on a couple of sites and the Instagram poster doesnt work. When asked to log in or out is says it can't or can't find some files .. its been this way for a long time. Help please.
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    I have set up a few sites, but now new products not showing

    I have setup a few sites with this plugin but recently installed with the new plugin version and davinci and products are coming up as 404 errors, any idea why ?
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    Shipping details not changing on Product Page - Rembrandt

    When changing the shipping drop box on Rembrandt it is not changing the details as set in the Shipping options/text as it does on the other templates. Please advise how to fix this issue? Thanks
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    Currency Table only updates when save??

    I just realised the Currency table that controls the rates does not update automatically , but only when I press Save, is this right ? am I missing something here ? We can't sit there updating a currency table, it has to pull the data and update itself! Tell me I'm wrong ....
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    How to get rid or number of orders on page

    I think this may have been covered somewhere else but I can't seem to find it. How do I get rid of the number of orders listed next to the products (in any or all themes) , in some cases it can look over the top in other cases it can be zero, giving a negative feel. Any ideas or feedback ? Thanks
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    Problem with Stripe Payments ?

    I have set up a new site using Stripe (I have used Stripe with many sites so not new to this) , and on trying to put a test payment through have got the message "Stripe no longer supports API requests made with TLS 1.0. Please initiate HTTPS connections with TLS 1.2 or later. You can learn more...
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    Do you think xmas is affecting your sales , downward ?

    I started my store about a month ago and being good with sites/tech and marketing was able to get up and running quite quickly. I pretty much went straight away for Adwords as I have experience in that and quite quickly within a few days started taking orders and over the next week or two took...
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    How to Price adjust for selected products?

    Is there a way to set and apply a different pricing formula for a different group of products, for example: Products in Catagory a have a price minimum of say $3.00 and sales price a 3x multiple but I want products in Catagory B to have a price minimum of say $10 with a x2 sales price multiple...
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    There doen't seem to be a Social Rabbit forum/thread so apologies for putting this here. The facebook poster has been down for a few days now, is it a problem with my settings or the plugin ? Thanks
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    Pricing Issues

    I am trying to change the price manually for certain products and it is not sticking, it just reverts to the old price, as if it is being overridden by the pricing algorithm, any idea how to stop that ?
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    Can I set currency in url ?

    When marketing (specifically PPC) I want to set the landing page to the relevant currency for the user, for example : When I target UK customers I want the screen to default to GBP, and when I target USA customers I want the landing page to default to USD. Is this possible from the URL ? I...
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    Notification emails not sending in HTML

    Hi again, On testing the system when it sends a notification email after I place an order or change order status to shipped for example the email is not arriving in HTML, but is ariving with all the html coding. I am using SendGrid. Any ideas? p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font...
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    Import Products not working properly

    When using the Import Products it does not show the same results as I get by going direct to aliexpress so I added my initial products in manually (99 products) using the chrome extension. Now I am trying to add in more products using the extension and while it looks like it is scraping the...