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    Add a feature to set all imported Alidropship products to be out of stock

    This is very necessary if at any time there are obstacles from suppliers such as the Corona case now, so the store can still operate by selling print on demand products and setting all imported Alidropship products into out of stock.
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    How to easily set out of stocks for products

    Hi, this is due to corona virus in china, so, for now, I just want to fill my store with pod products for a while until china get stable, anyone knows how to easily set alidropship imported products to out of stocks? I have used several plugins like bulk woocommerce but I can only successfully...
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    Image Missing

    Hello, has anyone ever experienced a sudden disappearance of products image?
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    Error 500 when import products

    Hi, i get error 500 when importing product.. i have try to reinstall chrome plugin and log out log in again but still same... Has anyone ever experienced this? how to fix this issue?
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    Is it still worth to buy social rabbit plugin? Any error on this plugin?

    Hi, i want to buy this, but i need some review. Is it still worth to buy social rabbit plugin? Anyone used social rabbit plugin, pls give me review please?