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  1. Zlaja

    Where to download plugin

    Hi! I have deleted email where I had links to download alidropship plugin. Where can I download it again? I need version for Woocommerce. Thanks
  2. Zlaja

    Importing too many reviews...

    Hello I select to import "up to 20" reviews but plugin imports every time much more, much much more. What is the problem? Thanks!
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  4. Zlaja

    Importing reviews not the best...

    I have 1000 products, and I have imported 20 reviews for every took whole day... ok BUT, i have imported 30 new products, and when I click to import reviews, it starts to import for every 1030 products another 20 reviews... Why I can't import just 20 reviews for new products?
  5. Zlaja

    Menu don't look same on the site

    When I am on home page menu looks ok, like on the first image, but when I click on some product category it looks different, and the order is alphabetical, not as I arranged them. Am I wrong somewhere?
  6. Zlaja

    Images of products are not showing in category listing

    I have problem with some products. When I open category, I don't see product images. When I open that product, image is there. Help!
  7. Zlaja

    How to import product again (Product already imported)

    I have imported products with images and that caused me a problem with hosting space. Now I want to import without images, I want to link them on aliexpress servers. I have deleted product, but when I tried to import it again I got message: Product already imported. I have deleted that product...
  8. Zlaja

    Imported products but 404 error page opens instead of product page

    I am new in this, I have installed everything... installed some products and they are shown on the Home page... but when I click on product, instead of detailed page, I got 404 error page... tried everything but always got this problem... Please help!