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  1. hades

    Rembrandt Theme : Free Shipping disappeared after latest update

    Hi, In the product page, there used to be "Free Shipping" below the price. Since the latest update the Free Shipping has disappeared. (refer to attached picture) Can we have this back as this will entice purchases on the website. thanks
  2. hades

    Rembrandt theme : How to automate SEO for category page ?

    Hi, I know under settings, you can automate the SEO for home page and product page. But where do you automate/change the content of the SEO for Category page? I know this can be done because everytime I create a category page, the meta title and meta description is already filled up. ps: I am...
  3. hades

    Thank You Page redirect

    Hi, Can I redirect to my own custom thank you page upon successful checkout? For example: ----> Currently using Rembrandt theme non-woo.
  4. hades

    How to remove original price?

    I do not want the original price to appear on my product page. Refer to the attached picture. Under Customization>>General, i have uncheck the "Show discount information in the product list" In the Product page, I have also removed the original price and i only input the Sale price. The...
  5. hades

    Social Rabbit plugin and Facebook after 1 Aug 2018

    Hi, I was about to purchase the Social Rabbit plugin and then i saw this on the purchase page . "According to the new Facebook Policy Updates, the service of autoposting on Facebook are not available for apps, created after April, 24, 2018. The apps, created before this date will act until...
  6. hades

    Product pictures appear in desktop gallery but not on mobile devices

    Hi , 1. For some of my product pages, pictures that I added only appears in the gallery on desktop and not on mobile. Happens for both android and iphone. 2. Also, when I share that particular product page on FB or Whatsapp, the image in the post/text is the original featured picture from the...
  7. hades

    Rembrandt Theme - how to edit Subscription widget?

    Hi, I have signed up with aweber for my Subscription form. 1. Currently the widget on the footer only allows for my customers to key in their email address only. I want to insert another row for them to key in their First Name. How do I insert this? Without knowing their first name, will make...