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  1. anonymous1971

    $130.000 turnover / year success story....We are going to quit Dropshipping!

    Yes.....$130K turnover in 2018......with sales in just a small country. Yes.....just 3 hours work a day. But this year we are happily and finally going to stop with dropshipping.......because it literally kills our business. Do not be fooled by the success stories you read here.....only 0.1%...
  2. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce plugin updates products that are trashed long ago

    I have permanently deleted 200+ products in my woocommerce store.........but the ali dropship woocommerce plugin keeps on updating them as if the products are still in my store. Why?
  3. anonymous1971

    Wholesale Buying on Alibaba.......anyone has experience?

    I am studying if buying wholesale on Alibaba is a good solution for us since Ali Express and Dropshipping will put us out of business due to too many lost packages, bad packaging, way too long delivery times, etc. Does anyone has experience with Alibaba buying wholesale to have own stock...
  4. anonymous1971

    Return to Sender

    We receive about 20-30 complains [ a month ] ...almost one every day of customers that receive a package from us [ via Ali Express ] and ask where the package is from..........and the delivery guy says.....don't know....there is no sender info on the it must be AliExpress. In our...
  5. anonymous1971

    This came from Ali Express

    Look at the attachment circled in red. Maybe this is worth integrating in the woocommerce and regular ali plugin.
  6. anonymous1971

    Multi Warehouse i.e. Combination dropshipping and own stock management

    Anyone has a combination of dropship with the woocommerce plugin and own stock in a warehouse or in a fulfilment solution? I want to know what the best multiwarehouse wordpress plugin is to separate orders for dropshipping and sending by ourselfs from our stock is. Thanks
  7. anonymous1971

    V 0.8.20 of Ali Dropship Woo plugin >>> issue with importing order and tracking id and update products

    V 0.8.20 of Ali Dropship Woo plugin >>> issue with importing ordernumber # and tracking id and update products stays at 0% Someone has this issue as well?
  8. anonymous1971

    Shipments canceled at customs in China

    More often shipments are suddenly canceled without any reasons given at customs in China. This is starting to be a serious problem. Just as my other post where I urge to built in some [ mail ] notifications when products are out of stock etc I want to kindly ask whether there is a solution to...
  9. anonymous1971

    It takes me up to 2-3 hours to order products on Aliexpress

    Sometimes it takes me up to 15 times to get the order done customers purchased on my site and i have to purchase them on Ali. See attachment.........7 out of 10 times it shows the airplane and stucks 3 out of 10 it asks to put the address in manually what i have tried to solve this Not...
  10. anonymous1971

    Pricing Formula with "cost =" does not change prices.

    Hello, i changed my formulas instead of "*" to "=". i.e. $5 < cost < $9.99 cost = 29.95 does not changes the prices to i.e. 29.95. Have reset all the prices and updated several times and spent some hours to find a fix but my prices with "=" does not seem to work. When set to "*" it...
  11. anonymous1971

    Email Notification to admin when a product is set to pending / draft / disappears

    Possible to have an emailnotification when: a product is set to Draft a variation disappears or is out of stock ?
  12. anonymous1971

    latest update woo plugin with currency switcher ruins website completely

    Can you sent me the woo plugin version before this update so i can rollback. I need V08.10 ASAP!!
  13. anonymous1971

    Chinese Tracking number & Tracking number when package arrives in country of delivery

    Is it possible to inform customers only when the trackingcode from my country is available? I do not want customers see the Chinese trackingcode. Also still no updated documentation how the tracking flow is.
  14. anonymous1971

    So I need to have this open 24/7/365 or else.....

    "The auto updating is getting processed only when your Google Chrome browser is opened" What this means to me is or how i interpret is: it only auto updates when your chrome browser is opened and you need to have your browser opened 24/7/365 or else the system will not update and once a day is...
  15. anonymous1971

    Product already imported import again impossible

    Imported a product........deleted the product from my woocommerce store.......when i want to import again from Ali it says...Product already imported. And it's impossible to import this product again. What is the solution?
  16. anonymous1971

    Ali SALE products are not recognised by the woocommerce "SALE" modules

    When Ali has products on woocommerce modules do not pick up the sale so they do not show the from - to - prices on my site. Anyone has the same problem...or has the solution @Yaros Also found out that most of my products have the same regular as sale price so it makes a mess of my...
  17. anonymous1971

    Image Editor for Woocommerce Ali Plugin edit photos directly in WordPress Media Library

    Not possible yet but it would save hours time if the product pictures could be edited in WP media library directly. Now it's only possible when editing product.
  18. anonymous1971

    Import Duties!!! A customer had to pay import duties.

    New to me. A customer had to pay an amount 3 times the price of the product for import duties! What is this story about? Anyone has any clue?
  19. anonymous1971

    Alicdn blocked sources in Google search console

    Hello, I checked my google search console and noticed that [ see visual ] sources are blocked by google bot. What do i have to do?? unblock or is this the way it supposed to be? This might have influence of indexing and ranking so it's very important to know what to...
  20. anonymous1971

    Your dropship plugin for Opencart

    Are you planning to make your awesome plugin workable with Opencart?