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    Send automatic email when customer gets order

    Hi, i like to suggest something like when the customer gets the order , will send an automatic email to share photos on social media or follow us. like abandoned cart send an email , but for this will be when the change to complete status . Tanks
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    Google chrome extension dont work

    Hi, my google chrome extension doesn't work : Dont work in website import Or in aliexpress never loads.
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    Hi, i like to make a suggestion about sending an automatic email when customers receive the order. Like "if you are satisfying with the item please share with your friends and family and social media etc etc etc "
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    hi, i automatic update plugin but this update for version php7.2 but i have 7.1. i decide to change all to 7.2 now show me this error on the plugin An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 0 of the file /home/ubershop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alids/includes/ads/Helper.php. Error...
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    HI, i try to change colour in my theme like the discount colour and don't change. Also i suggest to put something as you can see in image .
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    WEBSITE: Ever heard of Hotjar? You've probably heard of Hotjar, right? If you do not know the tool, you do not know what you are missing out on. Hotjar is an All-In-One Analytics tool, but it is not a Google Analytics competitor, but a complement. What are the features of...
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    error webiste down afther updates

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ads_filter_for_facebook_variations() in on line 0 also The plugin adsfbcatalog/adsfbcatalog.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist. The plugin social-rabbit/social-rabbit.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does...
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    FREE TOOL | SHARE | Great tool to create beatifull video ads for any niche

    Hi, i found this great software. To create video ads for any niche and for any platform. Now is in the beta tester and is free. SIGN UP: This created to help small businesses around the world to create beautiful design-driven videos so that they don't have to spend so...
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    How i can translate Shopper theme (Woo) !!

    hello, can anyone help how I translate this for another language?
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    The Secret To Create Engaging Videos For All Kinds Of Niches

    Eye-Catching Spectacular Videos That Attract Attention & Convert Visitors Into Buyers in 3 Simple Steps With The World’s First Automated Swipe & Snap Video Creator. Get amazing videos to sell items and create great ads. Create Unlimited Videos. No restrictions! Create Your Next Video in 3...
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    HI, what i have to do? With the August 1, 2018 App Review deadline fast approaching, it is important that you submit your app for review so you don't lose your current API access. This is required due to the recent update to the Facebook App Review process and API permissions model changes...
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    Can i add adsense?

    Hi , how i put adsense in davince theme , google ads auto?
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    SocialRabbit Assistant?!?!?

    Hi, what this mean?
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    HI, i use single promo theme but conflit with tinymce plugin doesnt show add on for fonts and others, There is anyway to put font default to all itens i import?
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    Add product

    Hi its possible set up store , of my items not from aliexpress ?
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    Instagram Grabber?!?

    Hi, Instagram Grabber can get videos? I try to get from user but show this error: Not found popular posts And this account have popular videos @Yaros @Elena @Victoria Kudryashova
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    Hi, I want to share the tool i use for a long time in my website and get me results. You want to share our page to a group and get likes? Do you want to join a specific group? Want to share a product you want to sell? Get traffic!! Well, this is a perfect solution for you !!! TEST FOR 1...
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    Delete Items still have the image on library??|?|?

    Delete Items still have the image on library??|?|? Why afther delete item from shop doesnt dele photos offf the same one?? @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova @Ekaterina Sayapina
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    Seo what is better?

    hi, what is better for seo , put a featured image download to server to edit alt tag text etc... or description image like in this article. In this video dont explain well because remove image and text . Or put a text...
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    Why take off change price in general option?

    hi, why its off general price to set manually .See this: