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    Social Rabbit

    Does anyone have the social rabbit 7.4 to download from here please?
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    Unable to access Alidropship dashboard

    I have been unable to enter my Alidropship dashboard, i keep getting "Your session was locked to another IP Address. Please login again." I have deactivated my security and i still get that. However, i am able to access reports, orders etc just not dashboard. Can you help please?
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    Da Vinci 2 Not Mobile Friendly

    I changed my theme to Da vinci 2 and since then, my site is no longer mobile friendly. Can someone help please?
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    Davinci theme error

    Hello, there's a problem with the davinci theme. Part of the error code: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ads_get_list_currency() in /home/fashi168/public_html/wp-content/themes/davinci/functions.php on line 687. Using Alidropship plugin Can someone help please? Thanks
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    Variation Images not Showing

    Can someone help please, i imported over 500 products from dropshipme and found out lots of the variation images are not showing. See attached image for example
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    Alidroship Hosting

    Been having issues since i upgraded my Alidropship hosting from silver to gold. I kept getting database error, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't like now. cPanel is not responding either, getting frustrating now. Can somebody help please?
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    Social Rabbit Pinterest Posting

    Is there a way to configure the social rabbit to not post same product on a board to avoid duplicates?
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    Social Rabbit Shoutout

    I noticed the new social rabbit has a shoutout section, what does that do? Also, i notice it doesn't comment on or like people's photos on instagram anymore, has that been removed?
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    Social Rabbit Licence

    Hi, my social rabbit is asking me for my licence which i wasn't given because it was installed by you guys when you built my website from the premium package. Can you help please? Also, if i delete the old social rabbit and install the new one that supports php7, will i still have all my...
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    Plugin not updating

    I have tried updating the Alidropship plugin, it says successful but when i go off the page, it tells me to update again. Can someone help please?
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    No details in order page

    I don't know if this problem had already been posted by someone before but i'm having this problem with my order page. It isn't showing the details of items sold, just the address of the buyer and then under the item sold, it says "Order Items not found" The item is clearly live and available...
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    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    I am trying to get a plugin to create facebook catalog that's compatible with alidropship. Any advise?