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  1. waterlion

    How to edit the "Order Shipped" Email?

    Are there any plugins available that will allow editing this particular template? Thanks.
  2. waterlion

    Manually adding reviews with images to Aliwoo?

    Any suggestions? Thank you.
  3. waterlion

    Admin: Comment Image Attachments in Dashboard?

    Admin: Comment Image Attachments in Dashboard? I'm trying to view what attachments are associated with what post in the dashboard. Can't seem to find any plugins that incorporate this with ADS. Thank you.
  4. waterlion

    Server Crashing with Latest AliWoo

    1. Instal Alidropship (latest version) on Woocommerce 3.6.2. 2. Click anywhere in the wordpress dashboard 3. Crash Error: Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)...
  5. waterlion

    3 Bugs and 2 Questions

    3 small bugs within the Woocomm version of the plugin: 1. When updating tracking information with "All Sync", there is no visual feedback/progress update visible. A refresh of the page is needed to see if anything was updated. 2. When an order has been submitted to Aliexpress, the Aliexpress...
  6. waterlion

    Why Can't we use Portal.aliexpress instead of Admitad/EPN?

    As of right now, Aliexpress offers 9% for most categories, while... Admitad/EPN only give 7% Furthermore, Admitad/EPN charge from 6-8% to take out the money as well (if using paypal or any of their other payment methods). Thanks
  7. waterlion

    Cashback in Woocommerce Reports

    It would be nice to have a Cashback field in the Woocommerce admin reports, to be calculated into the profit. Unless someone knows of a plugin to do this. Thanks
  8. waterlion

    4 Quality of Life Suggestions

    Hey, love the plugin, but a few things would be nice 1. Import product variations from SPECIFIC Shipping countries. Explained: If I only want products shipped from Germany, then only import those. This will prevent from creating massive database tables of variations (China, France, Spain...
  9. waterlion

    Implement ElasticPress search indexing

    As it stands, the current search algorithm within wordpress (alidropship plugin) sucks. Elasticpress allows more extensive, generic search queries. When I installed Elasticpress, unfortunately, ALL of the pages are indexed, along with the products. But teh products are not indexed properly (no...
  10. waterlion

    Experienced Internet Marketer diving into Ecom - Pt. 2

    In the previous thread, I mentioned I will try the exact same niche, but using Shopify. The previous attempt with Alidropship was at a loss of $630 USD after about 40 days. I think Alidropship is a sweet plugin, and it's really well built. But I feel Alidropship is still a few months away...
  11. waterlion

    Shipping Info Broken

    Anyone else getting this under their shipping tab?
  12. waterlion

    Request: Theme Update Log

    The da vinci theme gets updated fairly regularly. It would be nice to have an update log, to know what's been added/changed. Thanks again :)
  13. waterlion

    Country Currency Wordpress Plugin Code Help?

    I found this plugin that redirects/appends the currency based on your country: Here are my settings: I just don't know how to keep the 'brl' in UPPERCASE, since alidropship will only convert currency if given 'cur=BRL' and not 'cur=brl'. If there are any php coders that can help, that...
  14. waterlion

    How the hell do you delete inventory?

    There is no option to delete irrelevant inventory from products... Anyone figure this out? As far as I'm aware, these checkboxes don't exist:
  15. waterlion

    Social Rabbit Image Gallery Bug

    I have over 800 images that I'm trying to import into social rabbit. After importing 42 images into social rabbit, the captions/descriptions are not imported. Also, it would be nice if the images were shown larger in the preview.
  16. waterlion

    Where are the Cross-Sells?

    After adding items in the cross-selling section in wp-admin, where are the cross-sells displayed within the website?
  17. waterlion

    Enable Auto-Update or Quick-Update for the SEO fields per product

    The SEO fields for each product are set by default to their imported values. I would like to suggest having a 'quick update' on the product page that updates the SEO fields to the new Title set by the user. This is just a quality-of-life request. Thank you.
  18. waterlion

    Cannot Disable Variations?

    I'm not seeing the checkbox for disabling variations on the imported products. Edit: I meant to say, disable certain inventory items.
  19. waterlion

    Switch Order of State/Region + Country

    These 2 should be switched, because I always need to change my country from United states, to something else, BEFORE editing the state/region - even though the tab order goes into State/region first.
  20. waterlion

    Cannot Pay for SocialRabbit

    Keep getting this error: