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    plus size niche store store for sale

    "Plus Size" niche store for sale. it has some sale (b/w $500 to $1k) through organic traffic. It has a lot of good quality links. DM for more info. check its analytics on semrush.
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    Error : Order page pot loading properly

    hi, i am using alidropship + davinci on Chrome + Windows 7 system. Today suddenly i encountered this order page, which does not seem to load properly. my plugin and theme are up to date. i also found this error in my older site (which no longer in active service).
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    need url/slug SEO advice

    so i bought a new domain (bc my old one is not seo friendly) . Domain= now i want to write category urls. please let me know seo friendly which of the two way should i write urls 1. 2. example full urls (dummy) 1...
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    Anyone up for Link Exchange for SEO

    i have a couple of websites . looking for anyone who is willing to exchange mutual links. DM
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    Product reset not working

    i am trying to reset products that have update issues like attribute change/variation changed. Nothing is happening ( products are not resetting) upon clicking reset. PS. 1. i have no chrome extension in my browser other than alidropship. 2. i tried it while i was not logged in into aliexpress...
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    Shipping price filter in alidropship plugin

    is it possible that we can have a shipping pricing filter, to somewhat like if it can filter out products that have epackets/aliexpress standard shipping cost is more than certain percentage of product price. for example product price is $20, then i am willing to pay up to 15% in shipping, so i...
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    Anyone has good results of social rabbit ?

    Anyone has good results of social rabbit ? please let me know. have you included any specific hashtags ?
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    store for sale.

    my store, send me your quotes. 1. Domain age 2+ years 2. DA 16, PA 31 3. Last one year sales $3.2k 4. 2500 products (2300+ published, rest draft) 5. almost all sale is from organic search + pinterest 6. facebook ads not set up, google ads never brought any sale.
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    index.php in catagory url

    so i been working on my second website (cos my first got google penalty) , its in spanish. it seem to have this strange "index.php" in the urls like "" , how to fix it ?
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    Aliexpress App banned in India

    Just dropped in, the indian gov banned aliexpress app, not sure if website is also banned and future of drop shipping. anyone with any update please share.
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    changing from email notification

    can we use our own domain's tracking page for automated email notification. as in mailing service setting the order shipped notification has{tip} , i want to change it{tip} or something similar, i dont know coding ...
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    Alidropship Plugin not getting activated

    Today i bough a new licence for another website. installed plugin and theme. activated plugin twice or thrice, with successful activation message but it is still showing me this page. its not letting me edit anything, i cant add products or product categories, cant customize the site...
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    daVinci Theme issues : Clickable elements too close together, Content wider than screen

    I am using daVinci theme and alidropship plugin on my website. I just came to know that many of my website's pages have these two issues . 1: Clickable elements too close together 2: Content wider than screen I really need a solution for this problem. i tried asking solution for this in an...
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    Page is not mobile friendly Google Webmaster Tool

    Today i checked why my website not appearing on google search results and found out that my website is not mobile friendly. I am using daVinci theme with alidropship plugin, so i believe it is some problem with theme or plugin. please suggest a solution.
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    Sudden Bot Traffic

    For last 3 days my website is getting too much bot traffic. i changed google analytics setting to filter that and installed bad bot blocker ( all in one seo). still there is high traffic attack from Ashburn USA. what to do ?
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    How to blacklist fraud customers

    So a couple of days back I received an order, an item color red. I shipped it and sent a shipment mail. He replies that he ordered a white one. Now this is going on through and forth and he seem like a fraudster to me. I really want to blacklist him and prevent him from buying anything from...
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    Aliexpress problem, Oh no! The Internet is not working.

    Hi, i have been facing this problem while placing my order on aliexpress for last two days and their help never replies. My internet is definitely working. Has anyone encountered this problem on aliexpress before ? is there any solution? someone in a public forum somewhere suggested to change...
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    How to create multiple feeds in Google merchant add-on

    i want to create multiple feeds for google merchant, however the alidropship Google merchant add-on creates only one url "" , is there any way around ?
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    Google Merchant Adon not showing in side bar

    i just installed Alidropship Google Merchant Adon, activated it but it is not showing up in side bar as sown in knowledge base tutorial.
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    is there any Affiliate plugin

    is there any plugin to run affiliate program , that any of you is using and works fine .